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التعليم العالي يجمع المغرب وبريطانيا

Higher education unites Morocco and the United Kingdom

The Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, the British Embassy in Rabat and the British Council in Morocco organized the fourth meeting of the Moroccan-British Joint Committee on Higher Education, organized through visual discussion technology; It is within the framework of strengthening bilateral relations and consolidating the strong ties that unite the Kingdom of Morocco and the United Kingdom.

The meeting was chaired by Abdellatif Merawi, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Andrew Morrison, Trade Ambassador of the British Prime Minister to Morocco, and Tony Riley, Director of the British Council in Morocco. Also present were British Ambassador to Morocco Simon Martin and his associate, Moroccan Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Hakeem Hajjoy, presidents and education officials, as well as representatives of institutions responsible for higher education, scientific research and innovation. Countries.

The same source added that the meeting, which will follow the third meeting of the aforementioned group on March 24, 2021 in Guinera, focused on three key topics related to scientific research, leadership, quality assurance and strengthening partnerships in the field of higher internationalization. General priorities and advances in education, as well as crystallization of known strategies by organizations in both countries.

The event was an opportunity to celebrate and pay tribute to the fruitful cooperation between the two countries that we witnessed last year, resulting in numerous initiatives and quality assurance in the field of research within Moroccan universities. One of them is the provision of grants to support international collaboration in research between universities in both countries, within the framework of the British Council’s “Environmental Research Links” program, such as the collaboration between Ibn Dofile University in Kenitra and University College London. Development of research in the field of climate change and the creation of a network between the National Center for Scientific and Technological Research and the University of Keele in the field of scientific research and innovation, expanding and enhancing internationally offered financial opportunities Radiation of the University.

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These efforts include the participation of 60 young researchers from 12 Moroccan public universities in distance training courses within the framework of the British Council’s “Connecting Researchers” program. Participants in 30 public universities and the Moroccan National Institute for Assessment and Guarantee in Higher Education and Scientific Research (ANEAQ) in Morocco, and the Internal and External Institutional Assessment by the UK Quality Assurance Agency.

Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation Abdellatif Mirawi stressed the importance of mobilizing the potential for cooperation between Morocco and the United Kingdom and laying a solid foundation. Involvement in collaborative research projects covering areas of teaching approaches and priorities for both parties; In addition to digital and related technology such as energy change, climate change and health care.

In his speech at the event, the Minister stressed the need to promote action plans to enrich the experience of Moroccan and British students and researchers as a lever for cultural and intellectual harmony.

For his part, Andrew Morrison, the British Prime Minister’s Trade Ambassador to Morocco, described the University of Al-Qa’eda in Fஸs as the world’s oldest university with a historical presence in Morocco.

Tony Riley, Director of the British Council in Morocco, said: “The fourth meeting of the British-Moroccan Joint Commission on Higher Education today was an opportunity to celebrate our partnership in higher education. We have achieved a lot together since the inception of the UK-Morocco Higher Education Summit in London in January 2020; But we can do a lot to expand research cooperation between the two countries, to encourage UK universities to establish partnerships in Morocco, to share experiences, and to increase the number of Moroccan students who choose to study at one of our world-class universities. ”

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As a culmination of this meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the National Institute for Quality Assurance and Assessment for Higher Education and Scientific Research – Kingdom of Morocco (ANEAQ) and the Institute for Quality Assurance of Higher Education (QAA). , To continue and expand cooperation and cooperation between the two sides.