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Hilda Yassin responds to the criticisms of the "Secondary Girls" series: It embodies reality, and this is how my adolescence was

Hilda Yassin responds to the criticisms of the “Secondary Girls” series: It embodies reality, and this is how my adolescence was

After widespread controversy about the audacity of the Saudi drama series, Girls of Secondary, and topped the list of the most watched on the Shahid platform after only 13 episodes of it, “My Lady” meets one of its heroines, the Saudi artist Hilda Yassin; To talk about her vision of the work, and respond to the criticisms of it, and the secret of the top of the watch list from her point of view.

Views high

At the beginning, she shares the story from her perspective and says: They are five girls, each girl has a story that she lives, and the stories show the existing personalities and the events of the community and how they dealt with them, and each girl has a completely different and distinct personality from the other. The audience is attracted to such stories because they touch reality and resemble real personalities.

work realism

And what the public sees of the boldness in the stories and the issues that the work touches on young women, such as eating in the canteen, harassment, the collective demands of female students, and the breaking of glass shop windows, she replied: “These are stories that exist in the community 100%, and they should have been raised to raise awareness among the public. Everyone, and the parents in particular, and she is not so bold as to criticize, there is something higher than her.”

This is my adolescence

She talked about the necessity of acting in such roles and the work included in her adolescence. She said: Performing such characters is a requirement of acting and the diversity of characters during it. I am of the opinion that if I take a role, I must study it and present it in the best way that serves the character without limits. Because this is my vision of acting, and in my adolescence I was going through a different period of its kind in my life, and I was somewhat close to the character of Bashayer in some qualities, but I did not sign any pledges except for my delay, as I was somewhat pacifist.

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