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Hind Al Balushi celebrates the end of differences with her sister

Hind Al Balushi celebrates the end of differences with her sister

The famous Kuwaiti actress crossed Hind Al Balooshiabout the end of the differences that were going on between her and her sister, after a long period of spreading the news of the existence of major differences between them and the interruption of communication.

announced Hind Al Balooshi The end of the disputes through a video clip collected by her sister, “Maram”, which she published through the “Al Astori” feature through her personal account on “Instagram” during the participation of the first in the perfume exhibition in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

Hind Al Balushi and her sister appeared next to their third sister, in a state of fun singing and dancing, to celebrate the end of the differences between the two sisters, and Al Balushi commented on the clip in which the duo sings, saying: “All of Al Balushi’s daughters are separated by God.”

Hind Al Balushi tried to document those beautiful moments between her and her sisters after the good reunion and ending the differences through a group of photos that she posted on her account and commented on them saying: “Oh, Zina Al-Dunya.”

Hind Al Balushi had lived difficult days, due to her differences with her sister, as she had earlier entered a crying fit during a television interview, in which she spoke about the dispute between them and her sister Maram, after the announcer, Brewin Habib, asked her about the differences, and she replied: “What is wrong with her? something worthy.”

The two sisters, Hind and Maram, combine acting talent, while Hind exceeds Maram in singing as well, and the triangle of siblings completes their third sister, Mai Al Balushi, who is talented in acting.

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Regarding her relationship with her sister, Hind Al Balushi said earlier: “My relationship with my sisters in the artistic field goes beyond friendship. .».

Expressing her pride in them, she added: “My sisters are the most precious thing in my life, and over the course of our work in the artistic community, we have faced many problems and rumors that their divorcees tried to separate us without knowing that there is a close bond stronger than all their nonsense.”

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