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Hind Al-Qahtani sends a sharp message to a celebrity who mocked her features after plastic surgery

Hind Al-Qahtani sends a sharp message to a celebrity who mocked her features after plastic surgery

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published Hind Al-Qahtani A video clip, in which she responded to a famous social media platform, refused to mention her name, after the latter mocked the change in her features after the recent plastic surgery in her nose.

Hind Al-Qahtani attacked the famous after the latter considered that the features of the Kuwaiti fashionista changed after the operation, which she described as a failure because of her behavior.

Hind Al-Qahtani attacks a celebrity

and published Hind Al-Qahtani A video clip in which she angrily said: “If you see someone sitting saying illogical words, know that he is envious and hatred dictates his heart. God disgraced me, from my point of view, I am a million times prettier than her.”

The Saudi fashionista added Hind Al-Qahtani: “I don’t like to praise myself, but you in particular. I am much more beautiful than you, and I swear to God that I am a million times more beautiful than you. Do you see me? Where are you from me? The important thing is that she is now infected with a disease that has been treated for a lifetime.. If I had this disease, she would have said because it is me.” I am evil and my heart is full of evil, and I am not a good person because I have been plagued by it. Medicine, you, my love, have afflicted me with a disease from which you will prefer to be treated until you die. Is this because you are a bad person?

Hind Al-Qahtani underwent a rhinoplasty, talked about its details, and then sparked controversy by changing her features.

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