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هند صبرى تحتفل بعيد ميلادها وسط عدد من صديقاتها.. صور

Hind Sabry celebrates her birthday among a number of her friends.. Photos

The actress celebrated Hind Sabri On her birthday, among a large number of her friends, Hind seemed happy while celebrating her birthday, and she also looked elegant in a simple look, as she wore a black blouse and camel pants.

Hend Sabry’s birthday celebration

Hend Sabry's birthday
Hend Sabry’s birthday

Hind Sabri
Hind Sabri


On the other hand, the artist, Hend Sabry, thanked those who congratulated her on her birthday, and she said through her official account on Instagram:year not easy On Everyone, and we are not sorry about it not warmth the .li they love us AndWe love them.”

Hind said in a post on her official Instagram account:Thank you for your beautiful greetings on my birthday, a year that is not easy for everyone, and we can do nothing but the warmth of what they love us Andwe love them.. all general and .na strong how much“.

In another context, the artist Hani Adel appears in the role of the divorced star Hend Sabry during the episodes of the series “Search for Ola”, due to his attachment to his mother and her interference in all the details of his life.

The series “Searching for Ola” by the star Hend Sabry will be shown on one of the electronic platforms next December, and the heroine of the work appears within the events, in a divorced role and has children from the artist Hani Adel, who embodies the role of her ex-wife in the first episodes of the series “Searching for Ola”, and Hind begins in The struggles of the divorced woman responsible for children in the Egyptian society, and she faces many difficult situations, and is supported by the artist Nada Moussa, who embodies the role of her friend Alantem during the events.

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And the star, Hend Sabry, said, in statements to “The Seventh Day”, that the work is not a second part of the series “I Want to Get Married”, as some believed, but I present the character of Ola Abdel-Sabour, which she presented in the series “I Want to Get Married”, but we talk about how the years changed it, just as we have changed. all.

She added, “The work is a social series. Through the character of Ola, we are trying to monitor social changes that have occurred in the last 10 years.”.