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His goal is to raise the name of Egypt high

His goal is to raise the name of Egypt high

“The Seventh Day” met with Basma Essam, the wife of Paralympic player Mohamed Sobhi, the bronze medalist in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games with a weight of 80 kg inside his home in Shebin El-Koum, Menoufia Governorate.

Basma Essam, wife of Paralympic champion Mohamed Sobhi, who won the bronze medal, said that my husband’s first and last goal is to raise the name of the dear homeland, Egypt, high among the countries of the world in all forums, and that he won 10 Fazza International Championships in Dubai, and won the Taba Championship, in addition to the 2014 World Championship..

The wife added that this Olympiad is the fourth participation of her hero husband, as he previously participated in Beijing, London, Brazil, and Tokyo, in addition to participating in the Hungarian International Championship twice, the Khor Fakkan Championship, the Kazakhstan Championship, the World Championships in Mexico and Dubai.. The two sons of the champion wished to obtain Next time in the Olympics, the gold medal instead of the bronze, to raise the name of Egypt high .

Paralympic weightlifter Mohamed Sobhi, winner of the bronze medal in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games with a weight of 80 kg, confirmed to “Youm Seven” that our Lord compensated for his failure in the Rio de Janeiro Games with this first medal in the Paralympic Games, and said: “Praise be to God for the medal in the fourth My participation in the Paralympics, and the first one I thank my father, mother and wife for standing by me, and may God compensate my failure in Rio de Janeiro by achieving a medal in Tokyo, and God willing, the Egyptian flag will always be raised on the podiums.”

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Mohamed Sobhi added: “I ask the officials to increase the interest in lifting weights, because we are very superior in this sport and we achieve medals in it.

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