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وفاة هشام ابن المطرب عبدالعزيز محمود متأثراً بجراحة قلب مفتوح

Hisham Ibn Singer Abdulaziz Mahmoud passed away due to open heart surgery

Hisham Abdelaziz Mahmoud, the son of the great artist and singer Abdelaziz Mahmoud, passed away after undergoing open heart surgery.

Hisham Abdulaziz Mahmoud was suffering from heart disease and recently performed a number of operations, the latest of which was open heart surgery, but he passed away due to his illness.

Hisham is the fifth son of the seven children of the “Taxi Al-Gharam” singer, and from his third wife.

In his lifetime, Abdulaziz Mahmoud married 4 marriages and fathered 7 children

Hisham Abdel Aziz Mahmoud inherited some of his father’s talents and when he reached the age of 17 he formed a western band where he sang in four languages, and completed his studies at the American University and the College of Art Education, but he worked on his father’s advice and studied marketing and worked with it alongside the artwork, because he believed in the saying that his father repeated: “Art In Egypt, it does not include it.”

Hisham Abdulaziz Mahmoud (1)

The son was the only one among the sons of Abdulaziz Mahmoud who professionally sang, and “Howaida” was the youngest of the great artist’s sons. She sang in the “Friends” group, which Ammar Al-Sharei’i formed for a while, but she did not complete in this field.

In the life of his father, Hisham Abdelaziz Mahmoud redistributed a number of his songs, and when the great singer Farah heard them, the son presented them at youth parties during the eighties.”

Hisham Abdulaziz Mahmoud (2)
Hisham Abdulaziz Mahmoud (2)

For a while, Hisham Abdel Aziz Mahmoud suffered from heart disease until he passed away hours ago after showing him open heart surgery.

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The artist Abdelaziz Mahmoud was one of the most important singers of the generation of the beautiful time, and among his most famous songs was “Yangf Bennour, Taxi Al-Gharam, Mathonesh Alia, and others.” Dozens of songs. He was also a composer and participated in acting and singing in many films. Advertisements During a period of his life, he turned to making famous advertisement songs, including: Al-Sittah Al-Sunya, Melamine, Saving Books, and others.

Hisham Abdulaziz Mahmoud (3)
Hisham Abdulaziz Mahmoud (3)