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Historical works are present in the Ramadan 2023 season in Egypt

For many years, historical works occupied the forefront in the schedules of artistic production, especially the dramatic one in Egypt, before it began to decline little by little until it almost disappeared completely in recent years, but in the Ramadan drama this year, historical works will return after an absence, as the Ramadan marathon witnesses the presentation of two series. Historians are “Surrah Al-Bati'” and “The Imam’s Message”.

The first historical work that viewers will follow in Ramadan under the title “Secret Al-Bati’” is a work inspired by the novel of the late writer Youssef Idris, with dramatic treatment, scenario, dialogue and directed by Khaled Youssef, as the work presents a modern historical drama whose events revolve between two times, the present era and the era of the French campaign against Egypt. In the year 1798.

The events revolve around a young man who searches for the secret of the shrine of “Sultan Hamed” who is located in a village in the Egyptian countryside, and the search for the mystery leads him to the time of the French campaign against Egypt, and more than 60 actors and actresses from different generations participate in the work, most notably Ahmed Fahmy, Reem Mustafa, Ahmed El Saadani, Hanan Mutawa, Hussein Fahmy, Naglaa Badr, Amr Abdel Jalil, Bayoumi Fouad, Salah Abdullah, Hala Sedky, Ahmed Wafik, Menna Fadali, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Mahmoud Kabil, Aida Riyad, Khaled Sarhan, and other Egyptian and Arab artists and guests. Honour.


The second historical work is the series “The Imam’s Message”, starring: Khaled Al-Nabawi, Arwa Jouda, Nidal Al-Shafei, Khaled Anwar, and a group of stars in the Arab world, most notably the Syrians Khaled Al-Qish, Haval Hamdi, the Jordanian Farah Bseiso, and others, and a scenario and dialogue for a writing workshop under Supervised by the author, Muhammad Hisham Obeya, and directed by the Syrian, Laith Hajjo.

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