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History may record the first Google Assistant, which revolutionized the smart card

Digital assistants are part of the daily lives of millions of people around the world. Among the most popular assistants are Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Assistant. Vechna has helped een answer billions of questions, send billions of messages, set billions of reminders, and has done so much for us. And that without the need to use a keyboard or touch screen.

Google’s first attempt at a personal smart assistant was called Google Now. He was able to answer questions, create recommendations, and take action by transmitting requests to a set of web services. In addition to responding to user-initiated search queries, Google Now has proactively pushed user information that it believes (based on their search habits) to be useful.

The birth of Google Now

The service was first included in Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), which was released on September 9, 2012. The first supported devices were Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphones. On April 29, 2013, a version for iOS was born, but without all the functions. In Chrome, Google Now was introduced as an update to the Google search engine app and was later introduced in Google Chrome itself, namely on March 24, 2014.

Popular Science called Google Now the 2012 innovation. However, in just six years, that is, in 2018, it was replaced by the new Google Assistant, which is very similar to Siri (the first version was released by Apple in 2011) . Now let’s take a look at your personal Google Assistant.

google now

In one city and without a day

Google Now was not a digital assistant as we realize today similar services. It was considered the birth of Google search. About displaying the information that the user values ​​first. And that without any effect on it. El held by smart cards. The assistant starts by opening the Google app or with a special tap. Results relevant to the current time are displayed practically immediately.

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lets take alook. Suppose you wanted to go on vacation. A confirmation email from the airline was found in the Gmail inbox. As a result, Google Now will display details from the email, including the ticket, in the Google Smart Cards channel on the day of your flight. In a similar way, it was possible to track the order from the online store, and Google displayed the tracking number and showed its progress on a card.

However, smart cards can do a lot more than just check your Gmail inbox. There were cards based on location. This way, you can get tips about restaurants you visited recently, information about events happening there, information about the status of your investments (such as events), where to park in the vicinity, what to watch on TV, and of course there was no shortage of information Weather information and many more features. This concept was considered revolutionary at the time. It was easy to talk to Apple’s Siri, but Google Now was a handy assistant. Being able to open Google Smart Cards and get an overview of your day was something quite innovative. Meetings, check-out times, birthday reminders, and more were all together in one place, and you wouldn’t even have to give them up.

google now

I had time to drink

Google Now had great features for its time, so it’s no wonder that it had so many fans. But she had one problem. Unlike Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa, the user did not perceive it as an assistant. They have taken Google Now as a technology. There weren’t many names for Google Now, and in the case of Assistant, the user is more likely to call it by name than by name, perhaps even by name.

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Google Now beat voice search, but it didn’t offer the same amount of freedom or ability to have a conversation. In practice, it looks like you’re using Google in a different way. As cool as the concept was, it didn’t always work out. Collectively show the dog and the dog the information you need to find the rune. For this reason, Google gradually started working on something else. He introduced it in May 2016 and named it Google Assistant. He took into account many ideas, including Google smart cards, and the sound of a bird appeared.

For a while, Google Now has been in the back, but it’s been rocking in the form of the Today app in the Google Search app. After that, it was called Google Assistant Snapshot (Esque for Snapshots) which is part of Google Assistant and still does what it was meant to do. This year, Google announced that the original concept will be delayed a bit. You’ll still be able to ask the Google Assistant for all the information you find in Snmcch, but only if you ask. This move practically means that the innovation is unceremoniously dead.

Put your news in the coffin shed with Google Discover

Jet is one of the services we didn’t mention, but it had a huge impact on the development of Google Now. While there were two smart cards available on the far left of the home screen of the Google Pixel and some other devices, today there’s Google Discover there.

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Google Discover is a Google service that brings together a variety of content. Get links from the internet that you think may be of interest to you. Google Now also suggested it, but it wasn’t its primary purpose. Discover has become a very popular search method on both Android and iOS phones.

Google Discover can engage users more effectively than Google Now, Today or Photos. However, Google Discover is a very important product for Google. In addition, I will display relevant ads based on the links followed.


The rise and rise of Google Now is a story about how it was a little ahead of its time and eventually had to go the way of mainstream alternatives. Siri wasn’t quite as good as Google Now back in the day, but users loved talking. As a result, Google realized that this was the way to go. That’s why Google Assistant was born, and that’s why today, after saying Hey Google, you can ask for help from your personal digital assistant or just have fun.