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Hockey players will not watch the World Cup in May, Canadian organizers canceled the tournament due to Covid - T Sport - Czech TV

Hockey players will not watch the World Cup in May, Canadian organizers canceled the tournament due to Covid – T Sport – Czech TV

The Czech team is trapped in an alleged bubble and was due to head abroad on Thursday. The design was great.

“The last game on Sunday was international and I was proud and happy for the girls how they were able to prepare in such a difficult season. Whether they worked in Sweden, Finland, Russia, America or here in the Czech Republic. Rida,” coach Tomás Pachina said before announcing the organizers.

The Czechs apparently defeated Hungary at home twice in December, then introduced themselves in Denmark at the beginning of April. First they lost 3: 0 with the home team, and lost 5: 1 in retaliation.

“We were hoping to have at least fifteen games a season, but we have four. That is why we have now invited 37 players to the camp and played three games. I cannot say that it will replace an international opponent, because we are playing against our teammates in The team, but we tried. We had referees, we were wearing jerseys. Obviously the competitiveness and the courage was there, ” The guardian has already shared the final nomination.

Last-minute news was an unpleasant surprise for the Czech team. “It’s a big disappointment for both the players and the execution team, especially when news like this came the day before we were supposed to leave for the World Cup,” Pacina said.

“We sacrificed the past weeks and months to prepare. All the players were looking forward to the tournament and trust each other. We will see if we can quickly arrange a tournament for at least four countries,” Pacina added.

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Other unconfirmed plans. “This does not mean that we will not get the Women’s World Cup in 2021. We owe it to every player looking to return to the ice after this difficult year. We will do everything in our power to move this. The tournament to a new date and play this year.” Joint issued by IIHF and Canadian officials.

According to the president of world hockey game, Renee Vasil, the tournament is important to organize as it is the last event before the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2022. According to the Associated Press, it could be held in another country.

Czech hockey players will compete in Group Two in Truro with Hungary, Germany, Denmark and Japan from May 6.