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Holidaying in Hurghada is better than England

Thailand “Travel Daily News” website confirmed that a trip to Egypt, especially the resorts of the Red Sea, is synonymous with charm and beauty. When arriving in Hurghada, tourists can feel the warm and wonderful sunlight shining on the horizon.

He pointed out that vacationing in Hurghada is much better than in the United Kingdom, where Hurghada helps tourists feel differently because it offers four seasons at the same time filled with water, desert and beaches. .

An incomparably magical holiday in Hurghada

Thanks to Thomas Cook, the site said there is an easy way to get to Hurghada regardless of your home country. Many travelers managed to reach Hurghada smoothly without much effort.

He said what makes Hurghada so different are the sunny weather and the luxurious accommodation, which is hotter than most European countries at this time of year.

The site asserted that Hurghada is a city that cannot afford to spend only two days, at least two weeks, to enjoy its splendor and limitless adventures, as Hurghada has elements of safety and luxury.

He noted that what sets Hurghada apart is its proximity to the cities of Upper Egypt and a distinct sense of adventure with the most famous archaeological sites within the lands of the pharaohs, which take tourists away from tourist resorts into another world. Beaches in Hurghada, and it’s like a time travel from Hurghada to Upper Egypt, a symbol of Egypt’s modernity and development. A symbol of antiquity, civilization and the past

He said that Hurghada is characterized by underwater sports in the Red Sea than surfing in the United Kingdom, Hurghada is a great destination for various exciting water sports and sea sports that you should expect when visiting Hurghada. The city is characterized by stunning beaches, shallow and deep waters and refreshing air.

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He noted that Hurghada is famous for its beautiful beaches, clear waters and beautiful coral reefs that make visitors spend some time sunbathing, swimming and diving. and glass-bottom boat trips, Hurghada offers everything visitors look for in travel agencies.