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Hollywood stars stand with Jane Fonda against cancer

Hollywood stars stand with Jane Fonda against cancer

Hollywood stars stand with Jane Fonda against cancer

Legendary star and community activist revealed Jane FondaA few days ago, through her account on “Instagram”, she announced that she had been diagnosed withLymphoma.

Jane – 84 years old – said she is very lucky, because this type of cancer is highly treatable, and Fonda took advantage of the follow-up of her audience of “Instagram” pioneers for her talk, to discuss the crisis of inequality in the system Healthcare in America.

She wrote in the “post” – which is characterized by its long phrases – saying: “I am also fortunate because I have health insurance, access to the best doctors and treatment methods, and I realize – which is painful – that I am lucky to have all these privileges, but let us not forget that every family has to Almost in America to deal with cancer, and a lot of those families don’t have access to the quality health care I’m getting, and that’s not right or fair.”

Fonda also spoke about the ongoing climate crisis, to show once again how she has dedicated her life to the struggle for positive change in the world, and as soon as she published the post, feelings of love and support flowed from her many friends and celebrity fans, led by Naomi Campbell, Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon.

Super model Naomi Campbell was one of the first supporters to comment on Post Jane, writing, “Beautiful Queen Jane Fonda thank you.. Even during this difficult time you share your concerns with everyone. It is very important to have a positive mindset, and you really do have it.. all my thoughts.” And my prayers are sent to you.”

As for the blonde Reese Witherspoon’s letter to her, it was short, but beautiful and simple, to write to her, saying: “I send you all my strength! .. I love you, Jane.”

While star Mark Ruffalo commented, “Sending you all the love and strength Jane, always full of grace and optimism,” while young actress Lily Collins – star of “”Emily in Paris” – wrote to her: “Sending you so much love and all the positive thoughts possible.” How beautiful are your words and inner strength.

While the great actress Diane Keaton – a close friend of Fonda who previously worked with her on “Book Club” – wrote: “We love you, Jane… you are the hero to me, you are a warrior character, all my life I have been in awe of everything you do, I will continue to admire all the wars you have fought, and you will always be a warrior and a knight.”

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