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Hollywood-style event.. North Korea missile truth revealed

Hollywood-style event.. North Korea missile truth revealed

she was North Korea Last Thursday, it announced that it had launched a “Hwasong-17” missile. intercontinental ballistic missile Its longest range, in its biggest weapons test in years.

State media described the launch as a “historic event” and published a Hollywood-style video clip showing the leader Kim Jong-un Wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket while he was supervising at all.

However, the Ministry of Defense in South Korea On Tuesday, she said, she concluded that what she had released North Korea It was not a Hwasong-17 missile but rather a Hwasong-15 missile, another ICBM that it successfully tested in 2017.

In a report submitted to a parliamentary committee, the Defense Ministry also said that the details of Thursday’s launch – such as its speed, burn and phase separation – were similar to those of the Hwasong-15 missile, not the Hwasong-17.

The report also stated that the North Korean video clip was not filmed on the actual launch date, citing the analysis of Kim’s shadow and weather conditions seen in the video clip.

It is noteworthy that both missiles have the ability to reach the territory of the United States.

However, analysts believe that the missile “Hwasong-17” has a potentially longer range, and its huge size indicates that it is designed to carry multiple nuclear warheads to defeat missile defense systems.

It is also believed that the “Hwasong-17” is about 25 meters long, and is, according to some estimates, the largest road-mobile ballistic missile system in the world.