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Koronavirus a sport

Holuša thinks his legs will be stunned and will drive out the Olympics


For the indoor champion of the 2015 European Prague Championships, the last year marked by the coronavirus pandemic has been special. “In the spring, Olympic qualification was canceled, and the ranking stopped. So I assessed him at rest for the half year since athletics. Even with health problems that bothered me in the past, I wanted to give my body a break and not disturb it so much.” Hulosa explained in an interview with reporters. Thursday is “Relax Mentally”.

He didn’t appear on the Sports Oval until October. “I went back to Juliska to Pep Vedra in Juliska, where I started in Prague. The Polish group, which I was preparing with before, completely disintegrated under the influence of Covid. I am in Dukla with little boys and it’s okay. We help each other, guys keep me away and this can be Drive me away. “

Jacob Hulosa at the end of the 1500m in Doha

Jan Kocharcik

The first 15th outdoor match since the Doha Fall 2019 match, which he attended last week at the Golden Stilts, but Holuš did not attend as he had hoped. “I don’t think I spent a day in Ostrava. I didn’t feel satisfied after the first round and the fifteen couldn’t run in such a state. I won, but I was worried. After five days, I ran the eight in Ostrava and had a completely different feeling, it was me. Once again, he looked back at 3:38.19 minutes.

Vetter? It has a wonderful shape. I think, so I hope it doesn’t continue, best Cheeky Vadlich laughed

Olympic limit less than 3: 35.0. “I think it would be better at the Odložil memorial. Maybe there would be a steep stop. Given the arrangement that a trip to Tokyo could play as well, I should definitely be in eighth and work a good time. Maybe 3:36 and 5th place might help me a lot, all around A hundred is important. I think the home environment and the audience excite me. “

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If the Czech record holder manages to secure a ticket to Japan at Juliska during the thirteenth start of the June traditional race, that would be more than just symbolic. The meeting is named after the unexpected champion of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, with Odložil winning an exciting silver medal in the 15th. “Maybe my legs will amaze …” The three-year-old Czech record holder with a score of 3: 32.49 minutes shrugged his shoulders with a smile.

The twenty-eighth year of the Joseph Udlujel Monument
Monday 7th June 2021 Prague – Juleska Stadium
In the main program there are 15 majors plus 4 x 100m relays (men and women). Tomáš Stank, Jakub Holuša, Filip Sasínek, Pavel Maslák, Jan Veleba, Zdeněk Stromšík, Dominik Záleský, Petr Svoboda, Radek Juška, Vítězslav Veselý, Petr Frydrych and Diana Willáníkov meet at the summit.
Organizers expect at least 1,000 spectators to participate.

The interruption imposed by the Holuš epidemic was by no means “late”. He completely redirected himself to the sport for a few months and began cycling on the road so intensely that within half a year he had gathered a respectable 12,500 kilometers, which professional cyclists wouldn’t be ashamed of “There is a large cycling community in Opava, and we’ve also ridden more workouts.” I have also ridden some races, in the mountains of Piskedy, the gigantic mountains, said the experienced milker.

Jakub Holuša (in white) before the start of the Krakonoš Cyclomarathon.

Michel Cervin

At the age of fifteen, sometimes at crucial moments, sharp elbows occur, and Hulush also used his opponents’ overview well when riding in Peloton. “Eighty of us went to the vicinity of Opava, so I learned to move around in the beam before I started the race. But it is true that Orthodox cyclists were surprised I could do this. But I attribute it to the fact that I went through peripheral vision from running,” the old racer thought 33 years old.

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Then he was able to return to the race without major problems. “I used to run out sometimes, and it didn’t bother me. When I got back to my full running workout, I felt it took me speed. I had to get it back. But it helped me persistently. The biggest problem was that I hadn’t been racing for a year and a half. The body forgets to fight the lactate.” I have to set it up again, “Holuša is clear.