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تكريم أحمد عبد العزيز وزوجته فى مهرجان عيون للإبداع العربى .. صور

Honoring Ahmed Abdel Aziz and his wife at the Oyoun Festival for Arab Creativity.. Photos

The Oyoun Festival for Arab Creativity, which was held in Iraq in its 31st session, which bears the name of the Iraqi director Fasil Al-Yasiri, honored the star Ahmed Abdel Aziz and his wife writer Dina Sharaf El-Din.

Ahmed Abdel Aziz expressed his happiness with the honor and his warm reception, as he confirmed that every open Arab star roams the streets guarded by the army and the police, especially bicycles and people in the streets were watching until reaching the theater.

The shield of honor was handed over to the artist Ahmed Abdel Aziz, the Iraqi director Faisal Al-Yasiri, and a shield of honor was also handed over to his wife, writer Dina Sharaf Al-Din, the Iraqi musician Naseer Shamma, and the star was honored on Al-Hajjar and presented the song Baghdad and here is Cairo.

Ahmed Abdelaziz Kozjat



The artist Ahmed Abdel Aziz participated in the story “Ouda and Hall” within the stories and tales of the series “My Part and Your Division” in its fourth season, which was shown on the channel employment .

The show of the fourth season of the series “Nassibi and Qasmatak” was launched, and the first story called “The White Glasses” was shown, starring Amir Azmy, Caroline Azmy, Ahmed Siam, Ahmed Halawa, Mustafa Abu Saree, Basant Al-Nabarawi, and Samaa Ibrahim and directed by Essam Nassar.

In the same context, the second story, which bears the name “Gram regularly”, was shown over the past week, and it is starring Sherif Salama, in which Rahma Hassan, Nancy Salah, Muhammad Lotfi Shaheen, Louay Omran, Maha Salama, Muhammad Marzban and directed by Ramy Rizkallah participate.

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The series “Nassibi and Qasmatak” the fourth season (Men), relying on men’s heroes of the conversations, unlike the second and third season, which relied on female artists for the tournament in order to discuss women’s issues of all kinds, and the fourth season is scheduled to witness more diversification in issues, whether related to men or women .