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توقعات الأبراج اليوم 7-8-2021: يوم صعب لـ الحوت.. والغيرة تحيط بـ السرطان

Horoscope predictions today 8-7-2021: A difficult day for Pisces… and jealousy

12:00 am

Saturday 07 August 2021


You might just want to let things go and see where you end up tomorrow before taking any major steps


Integration with the group is essential to maintain the energy momentum


Do your best to take a relaxed approach and be confident that things will go well.


Others may be jealous of you and your lifestyle, so they try to find fault with the things you do.


You may also have some self-doubt about your actions, rest assured that you are on the right track at all times


It may feel like you’re doing all the work for others and getting nothing in return. The key is making sure you’re doing the things you’re doing because you want to. Do them for yourself, not for others.


Try not to get frustrated with anything that’s going on, and keep in mind that this too will pass, and things will clear up again.


Focus on the information coming your way today, and try not to get overly emotional about the consequences of the information.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that anything you do is necessarily wrong or bad just because someone disagrees with it.


There is a great wave of inexhaustible emotional energy, be aware because such situations are likely to arise and add intensity to your journey.


Your heart may yearn for a close connection with someone else, do your best to stay positive

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You may be in a difficult situation today, you have to be very careful so that no one takes advantage of you.