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Horror in the Hawaiian Islands.. The largest volcano in the world erupts

Horror in the Hawaiian Islands.. The largest volcano in the world erupts

According to the authority, the eruption began at the top of the “caldera” inside Hawaiian garden National Volcanoes, where the warning level has been raised volcano which erupted for the first time since 1984.

Local officials confirmed that at this time the flows are contained lava Within the summit area without threatening the areas surrounding the slope, but the winds may carry volcanic gases and ashes.

Therefore, the residents were advised to prepare and refer to the civil defense information in the city Hawaii Countyfor further instructions.

Officials also urged people with sensitive respiratory tracts to take extra precautions to reduce exposure to the gases, as falling volcanic ash can cause engines to malfunction or crash. electronic devices.

Authority warned geological survey However, based on past events, the early stages of a Mauna Loa eruption can be very dynamic and the location and evolution of the pyroclastic flows can change rapidly.

The authority indicated that if the volcano continues to erupt and the volcanic vents move outside its walls, lava flows may move quickly downward.

USGS cameras at the summit clearly showed a long fissure that erupted from lava, which was spreading along the caldera.

This comes after weeks of warnings from officials that an eruption was possible given the recent surge in earthquakes at the summit of the volcano.

No evacuations have yet been issued, but the County of Hawaii has equipped gyms and auditoriums at the old airport as shelters, after reports that residents were evacuating from the southern coastal area of ​​Kona.

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The emergency department said it was unable to conduct any flights in the area, as it is dark and helicopters are not allowed to fly.

But the chief scientist at the Hawaii Volcano Observatory, Ken Hoon, said there are some images that have been submitted from Kona that indicate that the southern end of the caldera has overflowed, sending some lava flows within a few kilometers of the caldera.

The USGS said it is working closely with its emergency management partners and will conduct an aerial survey as soon as possible to obtain more information regarding the explosion and potential hazards, however, those surveys may be hampered by weather conditions.