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والد حسام أشرف: أمير مرتضى كان على علم بتوقع نجلى لنادى برتغالى

Hossam Ashraf’s father: Amir Mortada was aware of my son’s expectation for a Portuguese club

The father of Hossam Ashraf, player of the first football team in Zamalek Club, revealed the scenes of the crisis that the White Club was exposed to due to his son signing a foreign club, which led to the issuance of a ruling against Zamalek by depriving him of two terms of registration, as Hussein Labib, head of the committee in charge of managing the club, said that Hossam Ashraf signed for one Academies in Cameroon before he signed his contract with Zamalek.

Hossam Ashraf’s father said, through his account on the social media: “The whole truth that the great Zamalek fans need to know is that Hossam, before he signed for the Zamalek club, told Professor Amir Mortada that he signed for a club in Portugal and that Amir said it with the letter, “Come, sign for Zamalek and you don’t want to invite anything, and indeed Hossam because of his love.” For the Zamalek club, Zamalek preferred the Portuguese club, and unfortunately, as a result of this love, Hossam attacks the temporary and tells him lies that he signed for Zamalek and did not tell them that he signed for the Portuguese club, I wish I showed the truth and that Hossam was the ID of the Zamalek club.

Hossam Ashraf’s father

Amir Mortada, the general supervisor of the former football team in Zamalek Club, responded in statements to “The Seventh Day” to what Hossam Ashraf’s father said, saying: “I have never seen Hossam Ashraf’s father, and what happened is that he is Captain Ayman Abdel Aziz Jabli, a distinguished group of players in the youth, all of whom walked from The club brought them back and made them contracts.. And Hossam Maqalesh was signed in any club..After several months, an Egyptian agent appeared. Hossam complained to the Football Association and said that he signed an agency contract with him.

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And the officials of the Football Association revealed that the International Football Association “FIFA” did not send any letters to Jabaliya regarding the punishment of Zamalek club by stopping the registration of its players due to the problem of signing the young Hossam Ashraf for two clubs.

Football Association officials confirmed that FIFA did not notify El-Gabalya of any sanctions against Zamalek in this regard, and that the decision may have been sent to the Zamalek Club directly without reaching the Football Association, which caused Hussein Labib, President of Zamalek’s statements yesterday, which caused a state of confusion.

Labib said in televised statements yesterday, that Zamalek will not be able to register his new deals for the new season due to FIFA’s decision to prevent him from being registered in two periods of registration because of his contract with the junior Hossam Ashraf, despite his signing for a Cameroonian club.