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Houria Farghali: My sister hurt me a lot and the most expensive horse I bought for a million pounds (video) | news

Actress Houria Farghali revealed that she was abused by her sister, noting that she spoke badly of her a lot.

During the promo of her episode with the media, Asma Ibrahim, on the “Ink Serri” program, Houria Farghali said that for two years she did not look at herself in the mirror and greatly lost confidence in herself.

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Houria Farghali indicated that she was subjected to a lot of bullying before she underwent the last operations, and there are those who described her as ugly and terrifying, and some even advised her to retire and not appear on screens again.

Of course, Houria Farghali did not forget her love for horses, as she revealed the most expensive horse she bought, which cost one million pounds.

It is noteworthy that Houria Farghali returned to acting after a long treatment journey in which she underwent a large number of surgeries to restore the shape of her nose, and after her return, she presented the series “Ayam”, which was shown on the “Shahid” platform.

Houria Farghali revealed that her work in the coming period includes preparations for a series of suspense with producer Hani William, in addition to a movie that begins filming after Ramadan, and another series consisting of 15 episodes.

And the series “Ayam” starring Houria Farghali, Sherry Adel, Ahmed Safwat, Salwa Khattab, Mahmoud Hegazy, Riad Al-Khouly, Nada Moussa, and Hajjaj Abdel-Azim.

The series was written by Samah Hariri, directed by Muhammad Osama, and revolves around 50 episodes in a popular social framework full of suspense and excitement.

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