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Liberecký trenér Pavel Hoftych ostře kritizuje fakt, že je stále omezováno sportování dětí

Hovitch criticizes: Children are hostages! The veil interferes with a healthy life

In Czech professional football, he is considered a vocal critic of anti-crime measures, which he generally considers irrational, unnecessary and offensive. Pavel Hovich also expects a similar attitude from sports authorities and institutions. “I think, for example, that the National Sports Agency will be stronger in the fight for children’s and amateur sports,” says Liberec coach.

He was, in fact, one of the first to publicly support the Bitches generation when he performed in a scarf during the February match in Pilsen, where the inscription LET THE CHILDREN TRAIN AND COMPETITITION was awesome! “If it is possible for a hundred people to move around the chain at once, I don’t know why the kids can’t run outside. It’s impossible to understand that,” Pavel Hovich asks.

Why did you decide to support children by writing on the scarf?
“One of the reasons is that I pre-reject the hijab because it interferes with a healthy life. On the other hand, wearing it puts health at risk. It is only logical to wear it in a medical facility, otherwise I don’t see any logic in that. It is only the intention of a certain group. I was forced to wear it through a protocol that also lacked logic, I told myself that this would at least support children who, unlike adults, cannot defend themselves. Someone threw you in and let him drown. They are at the same time our future. ”

And this is bothering you.
“I want them to be able not only to play sports, but also to compete. By wasting the opportunity to move in the air in the company of friends, they have also taken on great motivation and lifelong habits. Which is devastating for the future.”

“I’m sorry for the kids who can’t play sports,” said Hofitch after the win

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What have been your responses to your initiative?
“After the match in Pilsen, the responses were great. Unexpected. I didn’t go into it with intent, I just thought if I had a piece of cloth in my mouth, he should at least have a message. I got a lot of responses – even from Slovakia or youth coaches.” I didn’t know them at all, and they got a phone number.I don’t use social networks, but I know it was shared on Instagram by MP Feri from TOP 09, who has a lot of followers. Then Garda Costel, assistant coach in Slavia, wrote to me that I I can’t prove it anymore. ”(Laughs)

However, even after the change of health minister, there has been no major shift in children’s and amateur sports.
“It seems to me that every minister is hiding behind something different. The current group of MeSES. Mr Smejkal is speaking on her behalf, who says social contacts are preventing the spread of the epidemic. You don’t have to study schools for that, I know that if people didn’t communicate, it wouldn’t be There is something spreading out between them. It seems to me that it is a terrible excuse, because it does not provide protection to those who should protect themselves – and severely limits others. I do not pay for health insurance my whole life, until there is still something forbidden to me. It has the same meaning as forbidding it. Driving, because there is a risk of collision. When we are all sitting at home, it is clear that nothing will happen to us. It is possible that we will die in a seat near Slonena. “

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So what do you suggest?
“Protecting at-risk groups and, in the case of others, doing everything in their power to ensure that their lives are running normally and that they have the opportunity to increase their immunity. It comes to my mind now that something is keeping the nation’s immunity as low as possible. If we talk about the fact that you are 90 in The 100 percent of people with a difficult course of Covid-19 disease are obese, so the government’s role must be to do everything it can to curb obesity.

Has anyone inspired you in this regard?
“I like the opinions of Professor Burke, whom I support very much. He is someone who knows what he is talking about, because he has been playing sports all his life, he is in good shape. At the same time he is a doctor. He said in an interview with you that every society protects its young, and this is their basic principle in Life. But we were the first to drown the children in a totally lethal way. We took them hostage. This is the height of pretext, complete bullying and nonsense. “

How do you deal with the situation in Liberec youth that children cannot train normally?
“It was solved, for example, through individual exercises, and I haven’t seen a group of children in the area for a very long time. On the contrary, for example, a few boys could be buried and the security guards had to tell them that unfortunately not They can be there, because it’s a club stadium that can still have problems. These are unfortunate things in every sense of the word. “

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“I’m sorry for the kids who can’t play sports,” said Hofitch after the win