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How are the salary rules for a trip to Slovakia?  The most important thing is to register for Ambassador Tuo |  svt

How are the salary rules for a trip to Slovakia? The most important thing is to register for Ambassador Tuo | svt

Bratislava / Prague Slovakia tightened conditions for entry into the world. A negative test for coronavirus is not necessary for the average tourist, but the vaccine is mandatory. Bratislava will order it from a teenager for a master’s degree. He’s talking about it for a change. Urit’s rights regarding children can happen, he said in an interview with esk ambassador to Slovakia Tom Toh. Traveling to Slovakia was accompanied by confusion caused by the rapid change in Slovak rules. Under what circumstances can I now travel to the country?
All tourists receive a negative antigen and PCR test during the whole day. New rules apply from bird bags. Only a negative test is not necessary for ordinary tourism. On the recommendation of a specialized medical board, Slovakia has taken measures according to which entry into the country of the Slovak Republic from July 9 is only possible for people who have been vaccinated. However, they gave a transition period until August 8, during which even people who got the first two vaccinations could come immediately after taking it.


Therefore, only the complete and completed window will be accepted. However, from the start of the morning, it is true that those who were not chained must be quarantined until the next three days. Now to the payroll, if anyone with at least one vaccine door can cross the border. It is mandatory for anyone entering the country of Slovakia to register electronically. This is now the longest entry. It is necessary for registered users to register once and for the entire summer, they do not have to register repeatedly when entering the country. So if they are fully conceived.

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