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How did man live and communicate with space - Cawalisse

How did man live and communicate with space – Cawalisse

By: Muhammad Haseki

The twentieth century witnessed, from a technical point of view and space communication, the initial ascent of man into space, through the Apollo spacecraft, the landing on the moon, and the communication of astronauts with the Earth through the US space station, from Cape Canaveral.

The international media transmitted through television networks pictures of that historical scientific event, and the legend that will remain immortal in history has been realized from the record of mankind.

And through the scientific things that reached our ears at the time, a message from the United Nations through the astronauts, through which I directed to hear the human voice from the space of the luminous planet, and whether there are living creatures of the human race in it.

After the astronauts appeared in front of the viewers on the home screens, while they were in special suits to protect against the lunar atmosphere, you saw them jumping for joy on the bright white floor, and the viewers also heard their voices from the space communication with the Cape Canaveral space station.

Upon returning to Earth, the astronauts landed safely in parachutes on the sea surface in the ocean, and they were transferred to the medical isolation room at the space station, to conduct medical tests and disclosures about their health status, as a result of their stay in space outside Earth’s space.

And deducing from the echo of that international message, which the astronauts carried into the cosmic space, to reach human ears, the title came as a narration about the relationship of man with space, from the point of view of living, before the technical leap, which brought man to the Earth’s orbit from space.

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The space :

When we talk about it in general, we say cosmic space, while when we talk about it individually, we say: This earth has a lower sea surface, and a higher land surface, uniting it with space the horizon, and this is a sun that shines from half of the day, and this moon lights up the whole year, and the star spoke It flows and disappears, from the orbits of the Earth, and the monthly Qur’an enters the Earth’s space, – the total absence of the moon and the star -.

human life from space

There are those who live in the frozen Inuit on its edge with the land, and there are all life on the land, and they are the inhabitants who ascended to the surface of the moon, while those who live on the surface of the frozen, are still on their pure white lives, and they need a journey towards the land, in order to address their brothers from international space, and on that day concludes the message.

Earth’s relationship with the moon:

The relationship between the Earth and the Moon is a space relationship, as each of them revolves around itself from its day around the Sun, the Earth first, followed by the Moon second, where the Earth orbits a light day from the solar orbit, and the Moon orbits a space day from the Earth’s space orbit, where the Earth’s cycle is The solar system from its surface and its space, with different types, and the inhabitants of the land continue from their day with the space of the sun and the moon, they work by it solar, and they work by it lunar.

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lunar day:

It is seen in space initiation, and it is a general day from the orbit of land and frozen, and it is counted daily by the solar day, and its general orbit is daily from space, from its orbit on the equator, annually from its orbit at the pole.

It begins from the west after sunset, and its luminous orbit completes when equating between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, then the Earth leads to its shadow until it disappears from the horizon, and the land is joined by its orbit and the frozen ones from the initiation.

Monthly Initiation:

The memory of the initiation seeks refuge in me, to the days of education with my grandmother, from her village home, where she accompanied me by her side wherever she went and traveled, until the day she took me by the hand to school.

Among my memories I accompanied her to the village was her seeing the crescent on the day it began, as she and her family did not know history, other than the lunar days and months.

That is why you see them at the end of each lunar month, looking to space to see the initiation, men on one side, looking into space and talking, and women on their part from the spacious village space.

Most of the women’s group from the time of the vision, the type of grandmothers with their grandchildren.

And when they see the initiation, they rejoice in the vision, and raise supplications for more goodness and blessings, as they talk about the vision.

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And when they follow the vision from the next day, they meditate on its initiation, and the comment on its orbit, which is clearly visible without careful observation, and some of them commented that its initiation was from yesterday, do you not see that it is in the orbit, and propelled the water from the sky.

During this period, I knew the direction of the vision, from the people’s point of view, and I did not know at that time neither the beginning nor the crescent, as I used to open my eyes with my hands longing to see, and address my grandmother ᴉ Where is he, I did not see it with my own eyes, and if my eyes opened above my eyelids with vision, I do not see anything of it, and she says Grandmother: How difficult it is to see a day when you do not see it, grow up and see it, God willing.

From the lunar months, our mothers carried us in the womb, and nursed us from the breast, until we reached weaning from day to day, and these are days of remembrance by way of remembrance.