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How did Muhammad Ramadan respond to Nuri al-Maliki’s criticism of his concert in Baghdad?

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The controversy over the party hosted by the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan in Iraq is still sparking an interaction amid criticism from clerics and politicians, the last of whom was Nuri al-Maliki, the former Prime Minister of Iraq.

Ramadan republished a video clip of the former Iraqi Prime Minister on his “Instagram” page, in which he criticized harshly without naming the artist, saying: “In this frightening way, tens of thousands are embracing tens of thousands scrambling to watch a lecherous person ..”, describing the Egyptian artist with inappropriate words, before responding. Ramadan with a sarcastic video clip by saying: “I am the devil, he was seeking God’s protection from me.”

On December 10, Ramadan performed a concert in Baghdad, and the audience received him with a great ovation, according to video clips he posted on his Instagram account.

Ramadan usually responds to criticism by recalling clips from dramas and films.

In a separate clip, Muhammad Ramadan posted a video clip of an Iraqi cleric criticizing him by saying: “We were happy with Muhammad Ramadan in Baghdad, who came and revealed his chest and made people give him watches and gifts in front of people..”, before Ramadan responded with a video clip of a play by Egyptian artist Adel. An imam says in it: “I am a loser.”

Ramadan had shared with his followers on “Instagram” a video of the Iraqi cleric Jaafar al-Ibrahimi, in which he objects to the billions of Iraqi dinars that were spent on his first concert in Baghdad.

A few days ago, Al-Ibrahimi denounced what he said was spending 4 and a half billion Iraqi dinars (3 million dollars) on the Ramadan party, which he described with degrading racist descriptions, including being “black” in skin, according to the spread clip, noting that this “should not pass.” safely”.

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Ramadan denounced these “abuses” from Al-Ibrahimi, and asked: “How from the House of God can you object to my color that God created?”

Ramadan had posted, through his official account on “Instagram”, several videos from his concert in Iraq, showing the warm reception of the Iraqi public.

Among those clips, he republished a video of followers on the communication sites imitating him in a funny way, kissing the hand of a fan who gave him a bouquet of roses at the party.