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How did NASA celebrate Earth Day?

How did NASA celebrate Earth Day?

The space exploration missions carried out by the US space agency, NASA, are an important source of inspiring many to take more interest in the planet. The global celebration of Earth Day, which coincides with April 22 of each year, is a special time that shows the efforts that have been made and that will be made in the future to preserve the planet.
And participating in the celebration of Earth Day 2022, the space agency published, on its official website, nasa-gov, the iconic image of planet Earth from the moon, which was taken by the agency’s team on board the Apollo 8 spacecraft, 54 years ago, specifically on Christmas Eve in 1968.

  • Iconic image of planet Earth

    The iconic “Earthrise” image of Earth seen above the moon’s horizon as seen from the Apollo 8 spacecraft, taken during a live broadcast with NASA astronauts from orbit around the Moon on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1968- Image courtesy of NASA-gov

And through its website, the agency explained in a statement that “the famous “Apollo 8” image of our planet, which was called “Sunrise”, which shows the Earth above the moon’s horizon, contributed to highlighting the beauty of our planet.”
The statement explained that the agency aims to return humans to the moon, as well as to transport them to Mars, pointing out that NASA’s Earth and climate science research provides a global mosaic of Earth changes over time, allowing the study of the causes and effects of nature and human events, and understanding the Earth gives us the means necessary to better protect the planet and help ourselves.
Last year, the US agency revealed some details of the iconic image of Earth on the anniversary of its capture, and said that on Christmas Eve 1968, William Anders, aboard the Apollo 8 spacecraft, directed his camera towards Earth and took this picture. The image that provided humans with a new view, where the moon appears. In the foreground, the Earth is floating in far space, and immediately people start talking about this iconic image of when the Earth rises.
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Years ago, to coincide with the 45th anniversary of the photo being taken, NASA’s Visual Science Studio released a video in which the location of “Apollo 8” and what astronauts saw through spacecraft windows were recreated and matched to the sound from the flight. Apollo 8 spacewalkers, Commander Frank Bormann and crew members Anders and James A. Above the lunar horizon, the video relays the thrilling moments where they are first surprised by the sight, struggling to get a color film to capture the important photo, while joking that the photo wasn’t part of their schedule.
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• NASA events to celebrate Earth Day

NASA poster – Poster from the official NASA page on Twitter

NASA is hosting a free public event in the main hall of Union Station, Friday, April 22 (Earth Day) through Sunday, April 24, from noon to 5 p.m. EST. The event will contain information about NASA science, live demonstrations, and other family-friendly activities.
NASA is also hosting Earth Day online, with live events on April 22 and on-site access through Monday, May 2. The virtual event will include face-to-face talks, a conversation with scholars, a learning area for students, and more. activities. Some content will also be available in Spanish. Via the website:
Activating the hashtag #NASAEarthling, where the agency invites everyone to connect via social media with the hashtag #NASAEarthling and send group photos that will show the amazing breadth and diversity of life that continues, lives and thrives on planet Earth.
NASA’s Science Mission Directorate has also revealed the 2022 Earth Day poster, which is available for download in English and Spanish and includes wallpapers and a special video from its Creative Director. For the first time, this year’s poster also features QR codes that tell the story of NASA’s Earth and Climate Sciences.
– NASA invited everyone to join its official page on the social networking site Twitter, to learn about the latest NASA climate research. This will be a Twitter Spaces event.
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