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كيف تحولت العنصرية ضد منتخب إنجلترا خلال "يورو 2020" إلى جريمة يعاقب عليها القانون؟

How did racism against the UK become a crime punishable by law during “Euro 2020”?

The United Kingdom still faces the consequences of harassment and racist comments against black players in the UK during the English Premier League, and the first steps came today as the UK Ministry of Culture, Media and Sports accepted the legal committee’s recommendations. The reason for the “potential psychological damage” crimes after so many crimes … According to The Times, the top online abuse cases involving Premier League players.

In an effort to curb threats, harassment and communication crimes that cause psychological harm to the victim, ministers will consider new legislation that will focus on its impact from the content of the news, the British newspaper said.

For example, messages and posts that contain malicious threats are intended to create fear in the victim, or an incident where a group of individuals gathers against a person will be targeted when sending harassing messages on social media.

The plan was sent to the cabinet for approval, and Culture Minister Nadine Doris is reportedly planning to add new offenses to the bill, which will be tabled in parliament next month.

A government spokesman told The Times: “We are making our laws in line with the digital age. The comprehensive online security law will make technology companies responsible for public safety, and we are carefully considering the recommendations of the Legal Committee on the Promotion of Criminal Crimes.”

The new bill is one of several plans put forward by the government after a difficult year that saw struggles against a number of issues ranging from Black Lives Matter to what happened during Premier League football. Sports across Europe.

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In July, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that fans who racially abused footballers online would be banned from the stadiums under the new rules, which, with the support of the Premier League, warned that 80% of the abuse came from outside the watchdog. UK, but said racists could still be prosecuted.

According to Johnson, football ban orders – which can ban offenders for up to 10 years – will be changed to include online racism, which will keep online abusers out of the competition.

Announcing the change, Johnson said: “I am shocked that so many of our footballers are being abused and more needs to be done to prevent bullying online.”

A spokesman for Johnson said consultations would be held on changing the restraining order: “We want to introduce them soon.”

It comes against the backdrop of racist abuse of three players, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sanso and Bukayo Saga, who missed penalty shootouts in England’s defeat to Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

None of the players commented on the events, but the England team’s official Twitter account wrote: “We are disgusted that some of our teammates who gave everything for this shirt this summer have been subjected to racist abuse online.”

Johnson wrote on his Twitter account condemning the abuse, and the Football Association of England released a statement after the match talking about the abusive behavior among some fans on the internet, urging Johnson to impose the maximum fine: “This English team deserves to be hailed as champions and should not be subjected to racist abuse on social media.” Those responsible for this racist abuse should be ashamed of themselves. “

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on technology companies in Downing Street to do more to tackle online abuse in the wake of racist recordings of black UK players following the Euro 2020 defeat.