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How did Saudi Arabia achieve the global "cyber security" record?

How did Saudi Arabia achieve the global “cyber security” record?

The United States tops the list with 100 points, followed by Saudi Arabia with 99.54 points and the United Kingdom with a score of 99.54. The United Nations specialized agency called the International Cyber ​​Security Index “International” in information and communication technology. Telecommunication Union ”“.

In the new classification of the Global Cyber ​​Security Index, Saudi Arabia has jumped 11 places since 2018 and more than 40 places since the launch of Vision 2030, ranking 46th globally in the 2017 code version..

Cyber ​​security, also known as “computer security” or “information security”, is a branch of technology concerned with protecting systems, property, networks, and programs from digital attacks, which are generally intended to access, modify, destroy, or extort money..

Evaluation criterion

In this context, Dr. Mohamed Hekasi, Consultant on Digital Transformation, Innovation and Intellectual Property Law, explains which countries are evaluated according to the Cyber ​​Security Code, the former Chairman of the Legal and Legal Committee of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications..

Speaking to Sky News Arabia, Hijazi said the cyber security code has a set of scalable components; Among these components, the existence of cyber security strategies and policies, and the extent to which national programs and standards are implemented on the ground..

The availability of a training and qualification process for employees in the field of cybersecurity, as well as the efforts and initiatives undertaken in this regard, is one of the most important factors and represents one of the most important factors in the legislative and legal system that supports cyber security.

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It is noteworthy that these elements govern the International Telecommunication Union during the evaluation of countries according to the Cyber ​​Security Code.

Saudi supremacy

Hijazi believes that Saudi Arabia has made great strides in the field of cyber security over the past two years, pointing out that it has established a national center for cyber security, as well as pursuing very large policies such as data classification. , Cloud Computing and Data Protection, in addition to applicable laws.

The Digital Transformation Legal Adviser points out that Saudi Arabia has adopted a set of international standards that they have Saudiized, making it a national standard that must be adopted by various organizations..

Saudi Arabia also has a collection of training programs and initiatives on various topics in cyber security with a large number of employees and workers in this field..

The importance of cyber security

Hekasi says there is a high emphasis on the field of cyber security, especially as all companies and agencies, government or private, depend on the Internet and information technology, whether networks or various information systems..

Thus one of the key points is to increase the size of the networks, protect users’ data, as well as protect unauthorized access.

Hekasi concludes his speech to Sky News Arabia with the need to strengthen cyber security standards nationally as there is greater reliability in information technology and various digital transformation applications..