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How did the "Game of Thrones" heroine respond to her fans' use of Amr Mostafa's image?

How did the “Game of Thrones” heroine respond to her fans’ use of Amr Mostafa’s image?

The name of Emilia Clarke, the star of the series “Game of Thrones”, topped the social media platforms in Egypt, after an official page for her fans on “Facebook”, placed the image of the Egyptian composer Amr Mostafa, during his excitement in a previous television interview, saying a sentence that became very famous recently: In Ramadan!” as the main image of the page.
Clark’s followers used the photo extensively in their comments on her Facebook posts, until she was fed up with this photo, which seemed to not know what it symbolized.
“Stop sending me this picture,” the official page of Emilia Clarke’s fans said on Facebook, before the page’s organizers decided to change the picture to Amr Mostafa’s.
The actress wrote a comment on one of her photos, saying: “Stop using this picture,” and included an angry “emoji”, which sparked a wave of comic comments from her followers.
On the seventh of April, Clark published a photo of her with Mohamed Salah, to inject the Egyptians’ comments with a picture of Mustafa, in reference to his famous sentence “In Ramadan!”, to achieve great fame.
It is reported that Mustafa appeared in a television interview 8 years ago with the late broadcaster Wael Al-Abrashi, and critic Tariq Al-Shennawi, and he is very excited about one of the Ramadan series scenes, saying with wonder: “In Ramadan! .. In Ramadan!”.
The artist, Amr Mostafa, responded on his Facebook page to Clark after using his picture: “Oh, Emilia, but I’m married.”