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How did William give his brother Harry the golden opportunity to meet the Queen and Prince Charles?

How did William give his brother Harry the golden opportunity to meet the Queen and Prince Charles?

The British newspaper The Express confirmed that the absence of Kate Middleton and Prince William had given Harry and Meghan a “perfect opportunity” to meet Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

He said Kate and William never met or met Harry and Meghan because the family played skiing during the Easter holidays.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex traveled to the United Kingdom to see Queen and Prince Charles before heading to the Netherlands to attend the Invictus Games in The Hague, and military historian Christopher Jules said the couple was able to reconcile with the family.

Jules said the absence of Invictus games and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gave Harry and Megan the perfect opportunity to enjoy some coffee and some reconciliation.

Asked about Cambridge’s standing on the royal balcony next to Sussex, the royal historian said: “I do not think this is a big problem. I think it’s a special problem within the royal family. It has been resolved within them.”

“Harry and Megan have stopped being full-time members of the royal family and they have put themselves in a very bad position. In fact they are now business celebrities,” he continued. Millions of dollars worth of deals with Netflix and others.

The newspaper confirmed the trip to the United Kingdom last month after Harry missed a memorial service for Prince Philip’s Duke of Edinburgh in London.

On his way to the United States, Harry sued the Home Office over allegations that he did not receive the same amount of personal protection as he had offered to pay for himself, and Duke’s attorney said he wanted to bring his children to his home, but he and his family. Could not go home “because it is dangerous.

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