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How do I get black snaps | Arab News

How do I get a black snap? In the iPhone operating system IOS, Huawei, Samsung and other Android smartphone devices, where the following article will address the topic of how to clear the black snap, passing through the presentation of the steps that must be followed to activate the dark mode in the Snapchat application within IOS systems, and Android systems With the highlights of the advantages of the dark mode in the Snapchat application, which increased the popularity of the application.

What is dark mode on snapchat?

I developed company Snap, the American company specializing in the manufacture of cameras and social media, is the Snapchat application that suits “IOS” and “Android” systems as a leading application in the world of social media. The application allows posting photos and videos, making calls, adding and sharing stories with friends and fans who use the application, has supplied company The American Snap applied it with many advantages that made it superior to many other applications, and the feature of the black mode, or what is known as the dark mode and sometimes the night mode offered by the social networking application Snapchat is one of the most popular features among the users of the application as it makes the screen of smart phones Less bright and more comfortable for the eye, and in this framework, many applications have sought to introduce Technique The black mode “Dark Mode” is among its advantages, and it is considered to be setting the dark mode on iPhone devices TechniqueIt is very simple, while on some Android devices it seems more complex.[1]

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How do I get a black snap?

The dark mode (black mode) in the snap can be defined as a setting that enables you to change the color scheme of the phone screen to a dark scene that suits low light during the night, such as cases where some want to stay up a little while turning off the lights, the black mode protects the eye from stress, and it does not It makes sleeping after using smartphones difficult, and the methods of converting the snap to black mode differ according to the systems operating on smart devices, and the following are the steps for how to remove the black snap according to the work systems of mobile phones:[2]

How do I get black snapchat for iPhone

Smart iPhone devices work with the IOS system, and the following are the steps on how to remove the black snapshot for the iPhone and for all smart devices running the IOS system:

  • Log in to the personal account in the Snapchat application.
  • Click on the “Bitmoji” icon in the upper left corner of the screen to enter the profile.
  • Click on the gear-like settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose the App Appearance settings menu.

How do I get a black snap?

  • Activate “Always Dark” mode.

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How do I get a black snap on Android?

Many smart devices operate on the Android system, such as Huawei devices, Samsung devices, and many other smart phone devices, but adjusting the dark mode in these devices may be impossible in some cases, as it may be possible in other cases, and here are the steps for how to clear the black snap for Android :

  • Pressing the settings menu in the smartphone system, which is similar to the “gear” icon.
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How do I get a black snap?

  • Choose the Display menu.

Activate dark mode

  • Move the screen brightness indicator to dark mode.

Activate dark mode

  • Go back to the phone settings.
  • Select the About Phone menu.

Activate dark mode

  • Choose the “Software Information” menu.

Activate dark mode

  • Press the “Build Number” command six times and then enter the special code to enable developer mode.
  • Go back to the settings again and choose the “Developer Options” menu.

Activate dark mode

  • Scroll to the bottom and activate the “Force Dark Mode” option.

Activate dark mode

It should be noted that the Blue Light Filter – Night Mode application available in the Google Play Store allows some modifications to the color schemes in Android devices, but it does not allow changing the standard lights emitted from the phone screen, and the application can be downloaded via the following link “from here.

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Does black snapchat extend battery life?

Certainly, the “Dark Mode” reduces battery power consumption as it requires a lower brightness for the screen of smartphones, so whoever uses Snapchat in black mode will notice that the battery life of his device has become longer than it is in the case of using the modes that The screen is very bright, which will enable him to use the device for a longer time before recharging it again, and this is reflected day after day on the battery life, which is definitely longer.

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When will black mode be available on Snapchat for Android devices?

Unfortunately, to date, no official statement has been issued from Android developers regarding the work of activating the dark mode in newly released systems, which may feel bad for some users of these smart devices operating on these systems at times, so it is best to Such cases write to the developers and direct the request to them to work on activating the dark mode, by opening the settings, then clicking on the “Submit a suggestion” box, then filling out the form and clicking on the “Send Request” box, as the increase in the number of people requesting a particular service increases the motivation company To work on securing this service.

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This concludes the article on the topic How do I get a black snap? Through the presentation of the steps used to adjust the settings of the Snapchat application to the dark mode in both the iPhone devices operating with the iOS system, and the Huawei and Samsung devices operating on the Android system.

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