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How do we recognize sustainable and ethical fashion? What are real fur used for? How do fur farms work? Anna Bernatkova will reply on Wednesday 14.12. 2022 from 10.00.

The chat is open to questions12/14/2022 10:00 a.m

a job.  Anna Bernatkova, spokesperson for the Campaign for a Fur-Free Europe by Animal Freedom.

Nowadays, there is an increasing focus on sustainable and ethical fashion. Sustainable fashion is fashion that does not harm the environment during its production. People also care that their favorite pieces are made in a fair environment, that workers get fair wages, and that animals don’t die unnecessarily for the pieces in their wardrobe. What should you pay attention to when choosing sustainable and ethical fashion? How do I know that the clothing is vegan, meaning that no part of the animal was used in its production? What are real furs used for and what animal furs are used for nowadays? Isn’t it a relic that can easily be replaced in today’s world? How do fur farms work? These and other questions will be answered by Anna Bernatkova, press spokeswoman for the Campaign for a Fur-Free Europe from Animal Freedom.

a job. Anna Bernatkova She is the spokesperson for the “Europe Without Fur” campaign for Animal Freedom. She has studied wildlife management and has been involved in the protection of wild animal species for a long time, including in the place of their natural occurrence as part of her scientific work during her doctoral studies at CZU. At Freedom of Animals, she was the coordinator of the successful Circus Without Animals campaign, was involved in the Experiments Without Animals campaign and is now dedicated to the latest Europe Without Fur campaign. It aims to end fur farming activity in the European Union and to impose a ban on the import and sale of fur.

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  • Martina Nova

    Good day,

    Are classic fur coats still sold today, like mink coats? Or what furs are actually used for today?

  • Teresa m.

    Does artificial fur have the same properties as the real one?

  • Martin

    What does vegan clothing mean?

  • Blanca Raiterova

    What animals are kept on fur farms now?

  • Fendi

    How do I know what sustainable fashion is? In an ordinary clothing store, how do you know if it was ethically made?

  • I

    What are the most effective practices in the fight for better animal conditions? What activities have the greatest impact on the public or legislators?

  • Peter Friedrich

    Will the faux fur coat be as warm as real fur? Respectively, clothing made of which materials have a similar “caloric value” would you recommend to limit consumption of real fur clothing?

  • Staňa R.

    Can old fur coats be recycled? We found several fur coats from our grandmother in the attic and we regret throwing them away if we don’t wear them. Where can we take them to use them more?

  • Teresa F.

    happy day anna,
    What can we do to support legislative change? Is there a petition against fur farms? And where can we sign it then?
    Thank you, Turka

  • reaped

    Hi there, you have a good job. Is it possible to join you and work for you?

  • petra b.

    What should I do to close fur farms?

  • Robert F.

    Hello i!
    It’s terrible that fur coats still seem like a luxury to some people. Can something be done to prevent them from being sold in the Czech Republic?

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