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How do we understand the value of science? – Vision Newspaper

Many articles in various parts of the Arab world talk about the various problems of education, including the nature of the curricula and teaching methods, the mismanagement of educational institutions, the failure to link science and its outputs to the actual needs of society and others, and this was, is and will continue as a result of a lack of understanding and realization of the true value and purpose of science in any Society.

The overwhelming majority believes that the goal of scientific study is to obtain a certificate to find a job only, and this understanding reflects negatively on the general view of the value of science and education, which has become a means rather than an end, and a personal, subjective goal, not a general societal goal.

The real value of science, and the goal behind it, are absent from us, as it is not only a testimony, but knowledge to understand the reality and the world, and the formation of a rational and objective vision towards them, and a method for dealing with the various problems of society and natural phenomena, and reformulating the social reality in a way that serves man and society.

Science means a comprehensive way of life that society follows as a result of its penetration into the lives of individuals, institutions and methods of production, and it is the basis on which modern civil culture is built, as it contributes to the formulation of values, concepts, ideas, ways of thinking and various practices because it provides the foundations on which the physical, intellectual and cultural structure of societies is based. .

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The value of science comes from being the best way to progress through innovations, discoveries and inventions that change society and its development, and understanding that the idea of ​​modernization is linked to it, as it is a means of modernizing society, and its primary task is change, and that awareness of the value of science comes from visualizing how the human condition will be from without him?