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تعملها إزاى.. كيفية تثبيت تغريدة فى Twitter Space

How do you do it.. How to pin a tweet in Twitter Space

Twitter has added a way to host and participate in live audio chats with a feature called Twitter SpacesIn addition to allowing a group of people to take turns having voice-only conversations in real time, you can also pin tweets to your space, which everyone can see and reply to. Pinning and unpinning those tweets takes just a few taps, according to business insider.

How to Pin a Tweet in Twitter Space

can host Space Or co-host or speaker just pin a tweet.

If you have joined Space If you want to share a Tweet with the group, you need to request permission to speak first.

Also, to do this, click Request at the bottom left of the Space window, and after the host approves your request, you’ll see the icon change to Microphone off, and now you can pin the tweet.

1. Tap anywhere in the Twitter app outside a window Spacethe space at the bottom of the screen will be reduced.

2. Find the Tweet you want to pin.

3. Click the Share Tweet icon (up arrow) and then in the popup, click the name of the space where you want to pin it.

How to unpin a tweet in Twitter Space

You can just pin a tweet at the top of Spaceunpinned by the host, co-host, or speaker, and the person who removes a Tweet does not need to be the same person who originally installed it.

1. In the window Spacefind the Tweet you want to unpin, and you may need to swipe left or right if there are multiple Tweets.

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2. Press X Top right of the tweet.

3. In the pop-up window, confirm that you want to uninstall by clicking Remove.