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تكنولوجيا : كيف تشاهد كوكب المشترى فى أفضل حالاته بسماء الأرض منذ عام 1963؟

How do you see Jupiter at its best in Earth’s sky since 1963?

Saturday 24 September 2022 01:11 AM

There is a bright light that draws attention to itself low in the eastern sky that shines with a steady silver glow and two hours later when it rises significantly in the eastern and southeastern part of the sky, this light is Jupiter, which will appear on the horizon in large and bright size at its closest point with Earth on Monday , and that point in its orbit that has brought it closer to the Sun since 1963.

According to Space, Jupiter now appears 11% larger and one and a half times brighter than it did in April 2017, when it was near aphelion (that point in its orbit farthest from the sun), even with seven-energy binoculars that will show a planet. Buyer as a small tablet.

A small telescope would perform much better, while in larger instruments, Jupiter turns into a series of red, yellow, and brown shadows, along with a wealth of other telescopic details, and amateur astronomers have been photographing this large planet all summer since it was approaching Earth .

It will make Jupiter its closest approach to Earth since 1963, after which it will be 367,413.405 miles (591,168.168 km) away.

Jupiter is 11 times the diameter of Earth and is 88,846 miles (142,984 km) across, taking nearly 12 years to complete a single journey around the sun.

But if Jupiter’s year is long, its day is short, the large planet rotates once in less than 10 hours, and for a planet of this size, this rotation speed is amazing.

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Jupiter also has a faint ring system, although unlike Saturn’s famous rings which are highly reflective because they are made of ice, Jupiter’s rings are primarily made up of countless tiny dust particles.

You will be able to see three moons on one side of Jupiter (Io, Europa and Callisto) with the fourth moon (Ganymede) alone on the other side.

Source : Technology: How do you see Jupiter at its best in the Earth’s sky since 1963?