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How do you see the colorful light scene in the sky

How do you see the colorful light scene in the sky

With the popular British weather this weekend, there is another party that everyone should look forward to.

If you have any views of the sky, you will have the opportunity to watch the Perseid meteor shower tonight from your own backyard facility.

Tonight the Perseid meteor shower will run until August 12 and begin writing on August 23.

Not every meteorite is bigger than a grain of sand, but it creates a beautiful colorful landscape throughout the night sky.

You can see this – but there are some tips and tricks to make sure you can see it more clearly.

Here are some great tips for watching the rain, Dedicated to

Tips on where to look in the sky and so you can find it

According to the American Meteorological Association (AMS), bursides are particles returning to the inner solar system from the 109b / Swift-Dutt comet. AMS said that because of the radiation – where the meteorites come from – they are called bursides because they are close to the main Perseus galaxy.

Meteors You can see the point of radiation in the northeastern sky, but you do not need to focus only on this area to see the meteor shower. According to, meteors are found all over the sky.

To see them better, you have to go to a dark place and bend towards the sky as directly as possible above you.

You do not need any special equipment or skills to see the meteor shower. Find a place away from city lights. Dress for the weather and make sure you are comfortable if you plan to stay for a long time. Since viewing the meteor is a waiting game, some suggest bringing a blanket or chair.

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According to NASA, it is important to keep your eyes dark (this takes about 30 minutes). You will see more meteorites. You should try to stay away from your phone as looking at devices with bright screens can negatively affect your night vision and reduce the number of meteors you see.

According to NASA, the highest meteor shower that humans can observe is a meteor shower at a rate of 50-100 meteors per hour.

They are also called fireballs – large streams of light and color last longer than the average meteorite streak.

“Fireballs are made up of large particles of cometary matter,” NASA explains.

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