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How do you use Google Assistant to schedule daily tasks?

How do you use Google Assistant to schedule daily tasks?

Google Assistant is great, and it’s much more powerful than the voice search engine, as it can remember some of the phrases you say and run specific actions every time you say them, thanks to a feature called routines.
Here’s how to set up Google Assistant actions on your phone, automating essential tasks based on your voice commands, the Indian Express reports:

1- Go to Actions Settings page
You can get to the Routine Settings page by first opening the Google Assistant on your Android device and tapping on the three-dot menu at the bottom right.

On the Tips for You page, click on your profile icon in the top right. On the next screen, scroll down until you see the Actions button. Click on it to go to the routine settings page.

2- Use one of the predefined actions
You’ll see some basic pre-defined actions here under the “Your Actions” section. These would be simple commands such as “Good morning,” “I’m home,” and “Go to work.”

Click any of these commands and you will enter the Actions page. Under the Actions section you’ll now see, you can add and rearrange the actions of your choice. Google Assistant will give you a set of actions to choose from when you click the “+ Add Action” button.

Likewise, you can add, edit, and remove actions from all predefined actions to customize what information you want and what you don’t based on the command.

3- Create a custom routine
Users can also create their own custom actions that will trigger their selected actions when a voice command is spoken. You can even set a specific time or sunrise/sunset as a start to automate actions even without a voice command.

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To do this, click on the New button on the Actions main page at the top right. You will see two options asking to add start and add actions. You can choose from a set of predefined actions, just as you did in step 2. Note that you can even group multiple actions together to run them in one start.