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How do you wear metallic fabrics fashion 2021?

How do you wear metallic fabrics fashion 2021?

Once it was just a crazy idea for sci-fi film directors, featuring heroes in space suits, and in the distant future, metallic clothes have become one of the chicest lines of evening and casual wear in 2021, meet her.

Giorgio Armani

What are metallic fabrics?

Thin yarns made from recycled metal residues, varying between ordinary fabrics mixed with metals, ordinary fabrics mixed with plastics, and sometimes components of plastics mixed with metals or vice versa, and it is considered one of the new trends that try to reuse plastic and metal waste in the environment.

shiny fabrics
Azzaro Azzaro

When did the fashion for metallic fabrics appear?

Fashion began to appear timidly in 2017, and continued to spread and gained admiration, until it entered many fashion collections of international designers in 2018 until now, and is divided into evening and party wear as we used to, and to the new type that is used in casual clothes, which is the fashion of 2021.

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Golden dress from the Casa Preti collection 2022
Casa Preti

Evening Metal Fabrics

The original type of metallic fabric is evening wear, most notably the shiny sequin-covered garment, which is made of plain yarn and covered with small circular pieces of plastic.
Evening wear in metallic fabrics is usually shiny and eye-catching; Therefore, it is not recommended to use accessories completely with it, especially since it does not need any reflective materials for lighting.

Golden blouse from Casa Preti collection 2022
Casa Preti

You can wear a shiny one-piece for an elegant touch, a skirt or pants, over formal clothes such as a silk shirt in a suitable color, or you can use a one-piece look such as a dress, for example, with matte shoes and a bag.
Using more than one piece of shiny metallic cloth in the same look; It is an adventure that you have to calculate, and avoid in formal occasions such as weddings and work occasions, and it is more suitable for an evening with friends or in an informal place.

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Casa preti . Shimmering Metallic Skirt
Casa preti

The use of metallic fabrics in day and casual wear

It is a new use that appears in 2021 and continues with us in the 2022 fashion shows as well, where the rule has always been to avoid reflective colors for lighting with the sun; In order not to draw negative attention to disturb passers-by.

Casa preti . Shimmering Metallic Skirt
Casa preti

to be safe; Use clothes that contain a small piece of metallic fabrics within their design, which does not control the entirety of the clothes, but is classified as an ornament in the piece of clothing only, such as the sleeves of a day shirt or a pocket of trousers or a piece of it.

Blue shimmer dress from the George Armani collection 2022
Giorgio Armani

Use matte metallic fabrics, which give the oxidized look of the metal, you will maintain the modern look that you seek, without attracting an annoying eye.
Use hollow metallic fabrics in which the fashion is in the form of a net, which is the fashion this year, especially with the high temperatures that the world is suffering from this year. Use it on ordinary clothes from under it to give an attractive shape without exaggeration.
For lovers of new fashion experience; Choose just one piece of clothing in shiny metallic fabrics, pair it with jeans and sneakers, and get a look from the future.

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