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How does a broken Tesla steering wheel work in practice?  First experiences are embarrassing الأولى

How does a broken Tesla steering wheel work in practice? First experiences are embarrassing الأولى

Would you buy a car with a strange rectangular stick from an airplane instead of a steering wheel? If so, you can buy a Tesla Model S, which offers such a thing in the latest and most powerful version of Plaid. And because these cars are already reaching the first customers, the first videos showing working with this device also appear.

The biggest controversy stems from the fact that the steering ratio has not changed in cars equipped with a stick. This means that a rotation of less than 180 degrees is not enough to “rotate” the wheels – you have to touch them. And this is much worse without a round garland.

The video was posted with no comment above by Youtuber Chris B and looks quite used to the wand – except for the moment when he’s clearly blowing the horn. This does not happen with normal steering wheels during normal driving.

The second video is from OCDetailing, and let’s forget that the driver in the car does not sit well; He may not want to interfere with a customer’s car seat adjustment unless it is necessary.

According to his driver, this driver holds a Tesla stick in his hands for the first time. “I have a weird feeling about it,” he says, but later adds that it’s great to see the dashboard. At the end of the video, he thinks about how many times the car owner accidentally “presses” the touch button on the steering wheel with his palm when turning.

Converting to a P shape is easy – either tap the screen or loosen the strap. However, those who are accustomed to the latter method should remember that not all cars themselves are rated P when a person unfastens the seat belt or opens a door.

So the new Model S Plaid is clearly easy to drive, even though it doesn’t have a round steering wheel. However, it is not possible to talk about improving the functions and the new way to control the basic functions of the car will certainly be controversial.