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How does neuroscience help achieve change and development in organizations?

How does neuroscience help achieve change and development in organizations?

Change is one of the important things in life in general, as there is nothing around us that is not subject to change, some seek to change in life in order to obtain material or tangible gain, and there are those who change the world around them through ideas and achieving success.

If your boss told you to rearrange your desk and gave no explanation, how would you react? Although it seems like a small demand, most people’s immediate reaction will be to resist or question the demand. According to a lot of research, 75% of enterprise change initiatives fail due to company culture and a lack of mastery of the art of evolution.

According to laserfiche, the human development website, the reason lies in human evolution. When a person’s social environment changes, it challenges their sense of stability. Neuroscience experts identify four stages of resistance to change and offer ways leaders can address them.

The first stage: denial

Employees deny there is a need for change, and try to prove that the new method or solution won’t work. Leaders must approach this stage with what may appear to be excessive communication.

Stage two: anger

Employees complain, get embittered, and blame others. Leaders must prepare for the storm by having a sympathetic ear. People need the ability to vent even if the leader doesn’t take every complaint seriously.

The third stage: exploration

Employees try to negotiate positive outcomes and offer alternatives to the proposed solution, as leaders should facilitate participation in the project and encourage employees to offer their suggestions in a constructive manner.

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Fourth stage: acceptance

Employees accept that change is necessary and engage with the new solution or process, in which leaders must reward employees for their dedication and acceptance and also acknowledge the success of the change initiative through return on investment.