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How does Qatar plan to welcome more than one million fans during the 2022 World Cup?

How does Qatar plan to welcome more than one million fans during the 2022 World Cup?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The State of Qatar is preparing to receive a large number of fans during the 2022 World Cup, to be hosted by Doha, between the months of October and November.

More than one million fans are expected to come to the Qatari capital, Doha, about 37% of its 2.7 million population.

The State of Qatar is one of the smallest countries to host the World Cup, throughout history, in terms of area, with an area of ​​11,571 square kilometers.

The small size of the State of Qatar in the area poses a dilemma for the delegations of the masses, who will visit the country over a period of 28 days, which prompted it to resort to additional solutions that allow visitors to have appropriate accommodation.

Press reports talked about the high costs of housing in the State of Qatar, during the 2022 World Cup, with reference to the presence of 21 properties available on the travel agency, via the Internet, in the first three nights of the tournament, with prices starting from ($1,000) per night, and rising to (51,000). dollar).

Other reports indicated that hotel prices had also risen in Berlin and Frankfurt, in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, as well as accusations against South Africa of raising hotel prices in the country, in the 2010 World Cup.

A spokesperson for the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, which is responsible for organizing the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, told CNN, “Our goal has always been to provide fair and reasonable prices to visiting fans,” adding, “We are working closely with key stakeholders, to ensure reasonable prices.” For all types of accommodation.

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The State of Qatar is currently working on completing all procedures for the accommodation of fans, who are expected to come to the capital, Doha, with the start of the 2022 World Cup.

Here is what Qatar thought of welcoming nearly a million fans:

Luxury cruise ships:

Over the course of the World Cup, two luxury cruise ships will dock at Doha Port, including 3,898 cabins, 9 swimming pools, 45 bars, and 10 gourmet dining options. Other amenities include a spa, tennis courts, and the world’s largest dry-slide at sea.

The ships are a 10-minute bus ride from central Doha, but staying in one of the spacious cabins, which includes a breakfast buffet, will not be cheap, as prices range between $ 605 and $2,779 per night.

Apartments and villas:

Qatar Housing Agency works to provide approximately 100,000 to 130,000 rooms, on any night of the tournament, which lasts 28 days.

Ticket holders can stay in apartments and villas, from one to six rooms, and prices range from ($84) to ($875) per night.

The villas are fully equipped with kitchens, washing machines, swimming pools and gyms, and they are easily accessible by public transportation.

Residents and building owners can now rent their homes to visitors, by applying for a license from the Qatar Tourism Authority, to list their apartments through the booking platforms.

Fan Villages:

Ticket holders can purchase accommodations in so-called fan villages, described as casual camping, and cabin-style accommodations, at a cost of $207 per night.

Spread out on the outskirts of Doha, 25 miles from the airport, offering a kettle, fridge and two bottles of water daily, there will be a number of dining and entertainment options available on site.

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Arab-style desert camping, Bedouin tents:

The construction of nearly a thousand tents, and the tents will be supplied with electricity through generators, water and sewage systems.

There will be 200 luxury tents, equipped with air conditioning, to protect against the cold desert nights and the sweltering morning heat.

Residence in another country:

Some neighboring countries of Qatar, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, had announced the granting of multiple-entry tourist visas, during the tournament, to fans who obtained the World Cup “Haya” card.

Qatar Airways has partnered with regional airlines to launch an additional 160 daily return flights, at affordable prices, that will transport fans from Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat and Riyadh.

There will be no baggage check facilities, to speed up transfers, and dedicated shuttle services will be provided to transport fans from the airport to the stadiums.

It will also be possible to drive from cities such as Riyadh, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which are less than seven hours away.