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How does Saad Al-Shehri deal with intolerance... And what is the Spaniard's story?

How does Saad Al-Shehri deal with intolerance… And what is the Spaniard’s story?

Saad Al-Shehri, coach of the Saudi Olympic team, revealed that he deals realistically with tendencies and intolerance, stressing that he wants to work in clubs after the end of his contract after the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Al-Shehri won the U-23 Asian Cup with the Olympic team in Uzbekistan earlier this week, after defeating the host with two goals without a response.

The Saudi coach said in an interview with the “In the Goal” program on Tuesday, in response to his dealings with public fanaticism, especially since he was a former player in Al-Nasr: It is difficult to please everyone, we work for the interest of the system, we do not have any other goals and interests.

He added: Intolerance has become a reality. As a coach, you must deal with the situation so that it does not become effective. Our goal is to put all our capabilities to work in the system.

Saad Al-Shehri pointed out that he did not refuse to lead the first team in the last edition of the Arab Cup, stressing that this was not offered to him, and indicated that he wanted to go to work towards the clubs after the end of his contract with the Olympic, which extends until 2024.

And regarding what was reported about his benefiting from the experiences of the Spaniard Sergio Bernas, who Al-Shehri was his assistant in the past, he replied: In the football system, a coach cannot work alone, the role of the assistant is very important to me, and Ahmed Al-Ruwai’i is supposed to mention because he is with me in all my achievements, As for Sergio in 2011, after achieving the youth league title with Al-Qadisiyah, I was contracted as an assistant coach for the youth team and Sergio was a coach. Then I was called again to the Olympic team and worked as an assistant with me, and after the Olympics I asked for him to be with us and he participated with us in the West Asian Championship and the qualifiers for the U-23 Asian Cup.

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And regarding the employment of full-back Saud Abdul Hamid in the center of the defense center, he said: Through the statistics before the tournament, we found that we need changes in the line of defense and we need a player with the specifications of Saud Abdul Hamid, and we benefited from his experience, physical continuity, readiness, speed and strength that he possesses.

Al-Shehri touched on the reasons why he used a large number of players who could not participate in the upcoming qualifiers for the Olympics, explaining: After the Tokyo Olympics and after signing the extension contract, there was a clear plan, which is to achieve any continental championship, and to work on two parts, preparing a team Coming from 2001 for the next Olympic Games in Paris 2024, with the selection of experienced players in order to help the team win and enter it into the coffers, and all we have enough time we will work to prepare better for the coming period.

And he added: The group that participated in the U-23 Asian Cup will help the elements that will join in the coming period, to work on reaching the Paris Olympics.

He continued: We have two upcoming entitlements in the coming period, the Islamic Solidarity Championship and the West Asian Federation, and we will work to prepare and prepare the team for the qualifiers to Paris, and we will seek three players over 23 years old in several centers in order to participate in the Islamic Solidarity Championship.