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How long can meat keep in the refrigerator?  People make a big mistake

How long can meat keep in the refrigerator? People make a big mistake

Meat is one of the basic foods that our table should not lack. They are useful mainly in the form of animal proteins that are necessary for muscle growth, participate in the formation of hormones or platelets, or participate in the metabolism process. But how to properly store this food so that it remains fresh and nutritious for as long as possible?

temperature maintenance

To keep meat at the best possible nutritional value, keep it at the appropriate temperatures. The most suitable is 4 ° C, which ensures its freshness. Put it in the fridge above the vegetable drawer. The optimum temperature in this part of the refrigerator. Avoid storing in airtight boxes. This is because there can be an overgrowth of bacteria in it and it can start to spoil.

It all starts in the store

But the correct storage temperature does not start the moment you bring the meat home and store it. Pay attention to it already when buying in the store. Take a special thermal bag with you to the store to store the meat in. It will help especially in the warm months. Another option is to store it in a bag with other refrigerated products. This will keep the cold longer. This method of transportation is more convenient when the outside temperature does not exceed twenty degrees. Once you bring the meat home, cool it.

life extension

An ideal way to prepare and preserve meat is to pickle it. Marinate the meat with a mixture of oil and spices. Avoid using eggs, they are popular if you want to make sure the meat is tender, but may cause the entire mixture to spoil more quickly. After the meat is brought from the store and taken out of its packaging, it is convenient to start processing it. This significantly reduces the life span. Shredding lasts a maximum of two days, do not leave the ground in the refrigerator for more than a day.

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chicken vs. beef

The type of meat used also affects the shelf life. Chickens are very sensitive to temperature changes. For this reason, always treat it as a priority. If you are not going to cook it right away, load it up. You can leave the meat in the refrigerator for a longer time. It lasts up to 5 days. The more fat this type of meat contains, the less it can be consumed. You can reach for pork as well as beef.

The most dangerous type of meat

Do you love fish? In this case, be careful. If you are buying fresh fish, always keep in mind that it has also been frozen once it has been caught. This technology ensures that it arrives at your table fresh. However, at the same time it makes it unsuitable for re-freezing and must be consumed within 24 hours of purchase.

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