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How long does a mutant “Omicron” remain on the hands?


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A recent Japanese study showed that the “Omicron” mutant is more stable than previous variants of the emerging coronavirus, and can remain on plastic surfaces and human skin for a longer period.

The BioRxiv website indicates that Kyoto Medical University scientists reached these results from studying the difference in the influence of the surrounding environment in the Wuhan version and other variants of the emerging coronavirus.

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It became clear to the researchers that “alpha, beta, gamma, delta and omicron variants remain active on plastic surfaces for twice as long as the Wuhan version, and on the skin for 16 hours. This increases the risk of transmission and rapid spread of infection.”

And that the average period of survival of these variables active on plastic surfaces was for the Wuhan version 56 hours, “alpha” 191.3 hours, “beta” 156.6 hours, “gamma” 59.3 hours, and “delta” 114 hours, while the omicron mutant remained 193.5 hours. That is, eight days. As for human skin, the Wuhan version remained active for 8.6 hours, the “alpha” variant 19.6 hours, the “beta” variant 19.1 hours, “gamma” 11 hours, and “delta” 16.8 hours, and the “Omicron” mutant remained active for more than 21 hours.

The researchers note, that the variants are more resistant to ethanol than the Wuhan version, yet they were eliminated within 15 seconds using alcohol-containing hand sanitizers.

Based on these results, the researchers recommend using hand sanitizers always according to the instructions of the World Health Organization.

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Source: “Izvestia” newspaper