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How much does Ronaldo get paid for every Instagram post? A fantastic amount that exceeds his salary at United

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Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo continues his hobby of scoring goals on green stadiums, winning the fans’ love outside them, and making fantastic profits on social media platforms.

Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, became the first person in the world to cross the 450 million followers mark on the “Instagram” platform, and the Portugal captain’s account includes 3,315 publications, and his account is followed by 515 famous users, football players and clubs around the world.

Ronaldo, who is followed by more than 700 million on social media platforms, including in addition to his followers on the “Instagram” application, about 150.8 million people on “Facebook”, and more than 100 million on “Twitter”, surpassed the American model Kylie Jenner, who She has 347 million followers, and Argentine star Lionel Messi is third with 336 million followers.

The Madeira Rocket is not only dependent on making money from football and real estate investments, but is also one of the most financial beneficiaries of the social media world.

And many English reports revealed that Don Ronaldo is the most financially beneficiary in the world, from his personal account on the “Instagram” site, the most followed by his fans and fans around the world.

And English reports confirmed that Ronaldo receives between 880 thousand and one million dollars for one post on his personal account on Instagram.

And according to English reports, the number of publications that Cristiano Ronaldo publishes annually exceeds the salary he receives from his club, Manchester United, “Red Devils”, estimated at 26 million pounds per season, equivalent to approximately 32 million US dollars.

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While the French newspaper, L’Equipe, reported that Messi reaches the amount he receives for each post on his account on the “Instagram” platform, from 651,000 to one million dollars, as 4-5 publications per month are enough to exceed his monthly salary with Paris Saint-Germain. French.

And the “Squawka” statistics network reported recently that Ronaldo raised his score to 117 goals with the Portuguese national team, after he managed to score the second and third goals against Switzerland last Sunday, in the European Nations League, to move away to the top of the ranking of the most scoring players at the level of teams, A difference of 8 goals for the retired Iranian striker Ali Daei.

And Cristiano Ronaldo is the all-time top scorer for the Portuguese national team, Real Madrid, and the European Champions League, and the most goalscorer in history.