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How old is cristiano ronaldo with victory

How many years has Cristiano Ronaldo been with Al-Nasr? The transfer of the Portuguese player to the Kingdom and in his deal with Al-Nasr Club was a very important football event in the world, as it came after the agreement to transfer the Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo to the Saudi Al-Nasr Club, which was the deal that took place after the termination of his contract with Manchester United. English, where the website of Al-Nasr Club published that the club’s president signed with the Portuguese star Cristiano, who was presented to the fans at Al-Nasr Stadium and Marsol Park, and through him we will talk about the agreement for Ronaldo’s transfer to Al-Nasr and mention the terms of the contract and the value of the contract in Saudi riyals.

How old is cristiano ronaldo with victory

The Saudi Al-Nasr club announced its contract with Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo for two football seasons, that is, from 2023 to 2025. Al-Nasr affiliated with Manchester United after terminating his contract with them by mutual consent, due to problems that arose with him while he was at the club, according to his statements in a press interview.

Ronaldo’s salary in Al-Nasr Club

The Saudi club Al-Nasr announced the transfer of Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo to its ranks after signing with him for two consecutive seasons, and below we will explain the value of the contract between the team and the player.

  • In two years, 781 million riyals.
  • During the year 390 million riyals.
  • During the month of 32 million riyals.
  • During a week 8 million riyals.
  • In one day, a million riyals.
  • At 48 thousand riyals.
  • 800 riyals per minute.
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Terms of Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract with Al-Nassr

Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, who specializes in reporting transfer news, revealed the terms of Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract, which are as follows

  • Duration of the contract Cristiano’s contract with Al-Nasr was extended for two consecutive seasons.
  • The value of the contract reaches Ronaldo’s salary with Al-Nasr during the two seasons, 200 million riyals, in addition to sponsorship and advertising contracts.