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How to backup an Android phone | Technology and cars

Ammon – If you want to change your phone and buy a new one, and you want to backup your files and data from your Android phone, or even you are afraid of losing it and losing all your data, and you would like to make a backup copy to restore it on your new phone at any time, there are several ways to do that. This is based on a set of methods, whether by Google and the cloud service it provides, or through Android applications and computer programs that help to do so.

Make a backup with Google
This method enables you to back up your data and files of all kinds on the cloud, and you can sync and restore them from your Google account only. After making a backup, you can restore them on any Android phone, by logging into it with the same account. on which you made the backup.
– To back up photos and videos, we will rely on the Google Photos app, which you find pre-installed on your Android phone.
– Open the Google Photos application.
Then we click on the menu at the top.
– To show us a list of options, we choose Settings / Settings.
Then select Backup & sync and activate it.

Google, in order to reduce the file size, reduces the quality of images and videos to 1080p only, so if your images and videos are of high quality and you want to keep the same quality, you must activate the option to copy in the original quality, based on the following method:
Like the first method, it differs in only two additional steps:
Open the Google Photos app.
– Then we go to the top and press the menu button.
A menu of options will appear, select Settings.
Then we choose Backup & Sync.
Then we choose the download size.
There are two options, High Quality or Original Quality.
– We choose the second option, original quality.
Thus, we have used the free space in “Google Drive” to upload videos and photos to it without reducing the quality and with the original quality, and this also applies to the photos and videos that you will record in the future.

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rest of the files
In this step, we will rely on the Google Drive application, which is often pre-installed on Android devices, as Google allows us to upload files of all kinds to the cloud.
– We open the application and press the “+” sign.
A menu will appear for us to choose between the type of files that we want to upload to the cloud, so we choose files, for example, files, documents, and other data.
And it begins by uploading it to the cloud. When you enter your new phone, all you have to do is go to the Google Drive application, and log in with the same “Google” account on which we made the backup copy and you agree to sync directly. All your data and files that you made a copy of will appear to you. backup.

Settings and applications
To back up your phone’s settings and apps, you’ll need to use the Android Backup Service. Basically, this service backs up the apps you use and the settings you’ve selected in most Google apps, making it easy to restore those settings on your new phone.
– We go to the phone settings.
– A group of options appears for us, we choose accounts and backups.
Then we choose Backup and Restore.
– We activate data backup and add our Google account to which we want to transfer the data.
Thus, you have made a backup copy of your data on your Google account, and when you move to your new phone, all you have to do is register with the same Google account and accept the sync.

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Google provides you with the advantage of backing up your contacts and messages.
– Go to the phone settings and then go to Accounts “according to the type of phone”.
– A list will appear for us, select Google / Google.
– If you have not logged in, we will log in with a Google account.
– We go back to the same menu and choose Account services, then Google Contacts sync, not the phone.
– Then we activate the automatic sync option for the “Google” account.

Transfer files without Google and without rooting the device
There are a number of applications that run on Android devices that allow users to back up their data of all kinds, photos, videos, messages and contacts. The application that we will rely on is Super Backup & Restore, which enables you to back up your data on a random memory card. sd.
– We download the application from the “Google Play” store and install it.
– When you enter the application, you will see an easy and simple interface, which shows you a set of options, such as copying videos, applications, images…etc.
– We choose the type.. For example, applications, and we select specific applications or education for all, and press follow.
Thus, the application backs up the data you selected on your SD card, and you can also back up your data through the application and store it on your Google Drive account.

Make a backup from your computer
This can be done through a program called “dr.fone” developed by the company “Wintershare”, which allows you to back up your data on your “Android” phone, as there are some features available in the program, which are missing in most of the previous methods, for example if The phone fell, the screen broke, and the touch did not work, so you will not be able to apply the previous methods to it, but through “dr.fone” you can do that because it completely depends on copying via the “USB / USB” cable.
We download and install “dr.fone” on the computer.
– We make sure that the USB debugging option is enabled on your phone, through the settings.
– We open the program on the computer and connect the phone to it via a USB cable.
– Then we click on backup, and it starts directly by backing up all your phone data on the computer.

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