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How to blur the house so that your neighbors can't sneak up on you.  This is possible in Google Maps and on - Živě.cz

How to blur the house so that your neighbors can’t sneak up on you. This is possible in Google Maps and on – Živě.cz

Online and mobile map apps are no longer just about displaying streets and roads. Many of them today also provide the opportunity to see the view from the street. From the user’s point of view, this is undoubtedly an interesting and often useful feature. But what if, for some reason, you don’t want your property to be visible?

The solution is not complicated – enough Ask the service provider About blurring or deleting photos. How do you do it in Apple Maps, Bing Maps, Google Maps, and

How do I request deletion in Apple Maps?

Apple Maps doesn’t yet offer a street view of the Czech Republic (the so-called Look Around), so raising takedown requests isn’t on the agenda. But what is not, it can be, cars with the word Apple Maps have been driving around our country for several months.

Apple introduced its own version on Street View three years ago, and a year later it released images of the first US cities in its app. Since last year they are in Look around you As well as the streets of many Japanese and Canadian cities, London, Edinburgh and Dublin. The company wants to take pictures in thirty countries this year and cover a large part of Europe. Neither Slovakia nor Austria is needed in the plan yet.

If your property appears on Apple Maps and you don’t care, you can go to [email protected] Send an email describing in as much detail as possible what you’re having trouble with. Apple will review the app and, if it considers it appropriate, will hide your home in its service. In the US, it usually deals with it within a week.

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