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طريقة تغيير متصفح ويندوز 11 الافتراضي

How to change the default Windows 11 browser

Microsoft offers Edge as the default Internet browser for Windows 11, as an alternative to the old Internet Explorer.

But some users don’t like to use Microsoft Edge as their main browser, so they want to change it.

Microsoft has used a new method to change the default Windows 11 browser, making it more difficult to choose the browser settings.

How to change default windows 11 browser.

In the past, you needed to go to Settings and choose the browser app you wanted as the default browser.

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But it has changed with Windows 11, and you need to choose the application you want for each type of file separately.

In order to change the default browser, follow these steps:

Go to Settings, then select Apps, and then click on Default Apps.

And when you see the list of applications installed on Windows 11, choose the new browser, let it be Google Chrome as an example.

After that, you will see a set of file formats that this application can open, and you must click on each file separately and then choose Google Chrome to open it.

Therefore, you should choose Google Chrome as the default browser for the following formats:

.programming language
programming language

Microsoft changed the approach when the final version of Windows 11 was released, and it seems that choosing Edge as the default browser is a little easier than the rest of the browsers.

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You just need to go to the application settings, and then choose to make it default from within the application itself without going to the system settings.

The Microsoft Edge browser has evolved a lot recently, and this is after بعد Microsoft relied on the Chromium kernel to develop the browser.

Edge browser features.

Many people prefer to use the Google Chrome browser, but Microsoft Edge has evolved and become similar to Google Chrome, but less in resource consumption.

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Edge is now able to run all Chrome extensions, so you won’t lose the extensions you prefer to use in Google Chrome.

The Edge browser also consumes less device resources, and our personal experience on various devices has shown that Edge does not consume a lot of RAM.

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