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How to change your homepage in Safari

How to change your homepage in Safari

If you have a favorite website that you want to visit every day, you may want to set it as your home page in your browser. Setting home pages is not as popular as it used to be, with the popularity of social media and apps, but it still exists and some of the older people on the internet still want to use it. Here’s how to set or change your Safari homepage.

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quick answer

To change the Safari homepage on a Mac, choose Homepage in safari general settings and add the desired website address. On an iOS device, you can just add a website shortcut to your screen using a file Add to home screen option in the share menu.

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How to change the Safari homepage on iPhone or iPad

Unlike on a Mac, there is no way to set the Safari homepage. Apple does not currently offer this functionality. The best thing to do instead is to put a direct link to the website on your iOS screen. Then when you want to visit the site, tap the screen icon and the site will load in Safari.

First, load the site in Safari and hit the Share icon at the bottom. This is a square with a prominent vertical arrow.

Scroll down the list and select Add to home screen.

iOS Add to Home Screen

Faucet Add In the upper corner on the right.

ios android authority add to home screen
Android iOS authority shortcut

How to change the Safari homepage on a Mac

First, go to Safari -> Preferencesand in general tab, choose Homepage for New windows open with And the New tabs are opened with.

macos . safari home page preferences

Now enter the URL of the desired website into a file Homepage area. I hear Android salad Not a bad site. Sometimes they have some good stuff!

set macos homepage

The specified URL will now open every time you open a window or tab. But you can also open the home page using an icon in the browser toolbar. If you don’t have the Home icon in the toolbar, right-click on the toolbar and select Toolbar customization.

macos toolbar customization

You will see a file residence Button It is a small house. Drag it from this box with your mouse or trackpad to your browser’s toolbar. click he did to save your changes.

macos adds a home button to the toolbar

When the little house icon is there, clicking on it will load your home page.

macos home button browser