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How to connect mobile to tv without cable

How to connect mobile to tv without cable

The method of connecting mobile phone to TV without connection is a great way because it allows all people to watch movies, matches or personal videos more accurately, but sometimes it may not be the same as a big screen TV, especially when it comes to audio resolution or picture resolution.

All you need is to connect your mobile phone to the TV, so you can watch movies on a large screen with HD clarity, easily and without the need to connect, with the rapid technological development of various devices for smartphones or TV, it has become easy to display Android screen on TV. It doesn’t require complicated links or methods, and that’s what we’ll explain to you in the next article.

Connect mobile phone to TV without connection

There are several ways to connect a mobile phone to a TV without a connection, among these we will talk about later:

Wi-Fi Direct:

  • With Wi-Fi Direct, you can connect the mobile phone to the TV, then you can display the phone screen on the TV without the need for a connection and very easily, and this feature is available on smartphones to allow them to communicate with each other, transfer files or connect to the Internet without the need for connection. .
  • A wireless access point is present on most modern TVs with Wi-Fi Direct capability, so you must first make sure that your TV has this feature so that you can stream a YouTube video to your TV via Wi-Fi Direct. First enable Wi-Fi Direct from the settings on the TV.
  • Then open the content you want to watch on the phone and select Share via Wi-Fi Direct, then the TV will appear in the list of devices that can be shared, so select it, and your phone screen will appear on the TV simply and easily.
  • You can also share all the photos collected on the phone through this feature, download the Google Photos app, select the files you want to be on the TV and choose the share button, and games can also be shared from the phone to the TV as many big companies are working on saving more. Games that fit the big screens.

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With Bluetooth, you can display the mobile screen on the TV without connection and also broadcast audio; This can come in handy if you use different services or websites for audio files, so your TV provides you with a powerful sound system on the phone.

All you have to do is make sure that the TV has Bluetooth enabled from its own settings, then connect the mobile device to the TV via Bluetooth and it will play the media you want, be it audio or pictures.

Use of other applications:

  • There are also many apps like imediaShare app that helps you to mirror your Android screen from your phone to TV, it allows you to view phone screen on TV offline.
  • It also allows you to transfer photos, music and videos from mobile phone to TV and other various devices with DLNA that support the same feature, using this app you can choose TV to play selected clips in automatic order.

Using google:

  • One of the easy and simple no link required way to play your Android screen on TV is to use Google Chromecast tool which helps you to stream your content directly from your Android phone to TV, all you need is to launch the available Google Home app. In Google Play Store, connect Chrome cast via HDMI port to your TV and open the app you are using from Google Play.
  • and select Broadcast screen/audio in the app menu, tap on blue and then select the device you want to connect with, some devices can have a broadcast button in the quick settings menu, you can search by pulling down the phone screen and if this option is not available It can be added from the phone’s quick settings menu.
  • Replacement parts such as Anycast, which is an alternative to the previous part and can be easily purchased online, are also available from Google Cast.

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Screen mirror feature:

It can be via Screen Mirroring, a feature available on TV and available via Wi-Fi on smartphones, that allows you to connect all the different apps from the phone like YouTube, TV, and different apps that appear on the Android screen. You can also use them all on your TV. It’s easy, just activate this feature from your phone and TV.

All Shared Broadcast Center feature:

  • The Samsung mobile phone is made with a smart TV, with the device-specific settings and without connection, you only need a Wi-Fi network, you can go to the device setting and activate the connection to nearby devices.
  • Connect the All Share Cast Hub to the TV, use the TV to switch to smart mode, and select the options to make the Android screen appear and this way the mobile is synchronized with the videos, photos and social media on the TV screen.

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At the end of our article, we explained all the ways in which a mobile phone or Android screen can be connected to the TV in the simplest and easiest way without the need for a connection, with the phone screen display application on the phone such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or from Google. and other ways.

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