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How to connect the charger to the car battery

How to connect the charger to the car battery

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Charging the battery with a charger is relatively simple today. However, the most important thing is the correct connection.

car battery disconnect

The first thing is the most important thing Disconnect the car battery from the car. First we disconnect the negative terminal (the – delimiter) mostly black cable And only then disconnect the positive terminal (with +) – red cable. Today’s modern car chargers often allow charging even when the battery is connected. However, for the sake of feeling safe, it is better to disconnect it in advance. The most ideal scenario is to take the entire battery out of the car and charge it both outside and inside the car Well ventilated rooms (The living room or bedroom is not an ideal place to recharge an empty car battery) in a horizontal position with Communication sweeping upwards.

If you still have an old type of battery with screw caps – these are a must Loosen the screws a little before chargingTo allow unwanted gases to escape. It is also necessary to add distilled water to the battery after the line.

Connect the car battery charger

Connect it to the charger Positive pole first (red cable “plus”) and up to Then the black negative electrode (“Minus” cable). The clamps must be clamped tightly and securely so that they do not fall off. In this case, you can connect the charger to the network and choose Correct battery type And its voltage — however, most battery chargers today manage this step entirely on their own. After charging, disconnect the first charger from the mains, then the negative and positive cables. You plug the battery into the car First the positive side, then the negative side.

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battery in general Regular operation is beneficial. If left for a long time, there is a risk of a complete discharge – the battery is irreversibly damaged due to the solidification of lead sulfide on the electrodes. In such a case when Sulfate will happen The battery must be replaced and recycled.

As a warning sign, how to identify a weak battery Difficulty starting or fading headlights intensity. If the voltmeter shows a value of less than 12 volts, the battery will not be able to start the engine. In the case of a maintenance battery, it is possible to use a densitometer instead of a voltmeter – if the value of the electrolyte density in the battery is less than 1.24 g/cm3It’s time to recharge.

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